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  1. no build sheet that would have been to easy:)
  2. Someone asked about floor pan photos from my tear down.
  3. Got my Marti Report today and it states "Special Paint, Ford # unknown". I also got some data on the red oxide primer used by the San Jose plant and that was that it could very from almost orange to mud in color. Apparently in 69 & 70 it was common to use leftover paints in the primer, saving a few pennies. It also says it was ordered with a white vinyl top....
  4. Armond pulled off the vinyl top months ago and it is the same red/maroon primer on the doors & in the floor pan.
  5. @ Armond--The red under the doors is the factory primer, not a respray. @ Dennyb68--After looking at some cars in Tahoe Turquoise I think that is a match, was color metallic? What does the IRID stand for? Thanks to all who are posting.
  6. I have a 69 2 door coupe with a blank color code, all the research that I've done indicates it was a special order paint. This means it was not a mustang color but another Ford color. Take a look at the photo and let me know??? I've got a Marti Report on order, but from what I'm being told me exterior color will be unknown. So what non-Mustang Ford color is it? Thanks
  7. Here's the deal I've ordered multiple 351 decals for my air cleaner to replace the original one that is worn and when the new ones arrive the size nor color matches. Please take a look at the photo, it is shorter and pink instead of orange. Ideas? I've ordered from multiple places (CJ PONY, National Parts Depot) and they all say officially Ford licensed and they are all pink. My guess is they are getting it from the same supplier. If you no somewhere that has orange ones let me know. [ATTACH]11983[/ATTACH]
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