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Found 5 results

  1. I have a 69 2 door coupe with a blank color code, all the research that I've done indicates it was a special order paint. This means it was not a mustang color but another Ford color. Take a look at the photo and let me know??? I've got a Marti Report on order, but from what I'm being told me exterior color will be unknown. So what non-Mustang Ford color is it? Thanks
  2. A few months back I made the mistake of accidentally parking my black notch back next to a sprinkler on a sunny day. Now the hood has water spots that won’t come out with a normal wash & dry. Has anyone had this problem and is there an easy solution? I’m reading several forums that recommend a 1:1 mix of vinegar and distilled water followed by a thorough wash & wax. I’m hesitant to put vinegar on a paint job that is less than a year old. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  3. So I am getting ready to paint my lower dash and headliner strip. I had originally settled on a satin black, but last night I took the glove box off and finally, after 25 years of ownership, noticed the dark charcoal metallic under the glove box bucket... and even then it only showed up because the part was wet while washing it. Two questions: how noticeable should the metallic be? I can't remember ever seeing a dash glitter because of it... so I don't want to get too crazy with it. Lower dash including glove box door, steering column, headliner front trim... what else? Lower dash panel trim pieces? Shifter bezel (auto)? Radio bezel? I've already painted everything except the lower dash satin black, which shouldn't hurt anything, as I can paint over it.
  4. Guys, Ive for the suspension broken all the way down, brake system is out and I am refurbishing the calipers. I've got them all cleaned up and wire brushed. Question is should I paint these? I'm wondering if I should paint them standard ford blue or black, or leave them natural? I know they will rust some if I do nothing, so I'd prefer to get them in best possible shape before they go back in. What's the right thing to do? I like to go original when I can, but I am not hard over about it - and I will change things when I think the look is better. Thanks for your inputs... Jay
  5. I'm at the point of being ready to go back with paint in the engine compartment on the firewall. I've got it nice and stripped down. Was about to prime it, and I wondered... I've got the 500deg engine enamel for the paint, but what about the primer? I don't know if it can take the same heat, and I REALLY don't want to have the primer melt off under good paint. I don't really even know if that could happen, but thought I would ask. Perhaps using the enamel right on the stripped firewall without primer is a good approach? Anyone have any opinions/experience on this? Thx in advance, Jay
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