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Brake issue, maybe proportioning valve

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Hey guys I had a soft pedal so I thought that the brake fluid might have been low. About 6 months ago a mechanic did the rear shoes and wheel cylinders for me, but to further inspection he didn't bleed the brakes because when I opened the master cylinder cap the fluid was black. I suctioned out the fluid and added new in. I went to bleed out the front calipers and the bleeder screw snapped. I went and picked up two new calipers and bled them until there was no air just fluid. The pedal was stiff in the car. As soon as I turned on the car the pedal went to the floor and lost all its pressure. Is this due to my proportioning valve? Or is there possibly air in the rear lines that I need to get out and redo the front? I'm going to try bleeding all of them tomorrow this time with the car running starting from the furthest to the closest but I wonder if I will be wasting my time. And help I would appreciate and if it is the PV and tips on removing and installing a new one. Thanks

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