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  1. Hey guys I had a soft pedal so I thought that the brake fluid might have been low. About 6 months ago a mechanic did the rear shoes and wheel cylinders for me, but to further inspection he didn't bleed the brakes because when I opened the master cylinder cap the fluid was black. I suctioned out the fluid and added new in. I went to bleed out the front calipers and the bleeder screw snapped. I went and picked up two new calipers and bled them until there was no air just fluid. The pedal was stiff in the car. As soon as I turned on the car the pedal went to the floor and lost all its pressure. Is this due to my proportioning valve? Or is there possibly air in the rear lines that I need to get out and redo the front? I'm going to try bleeding all of them tomorrow this time with the car running starting from the furthest to the closest but I wonder if I will be wasting my time. And help I would appreciate and if it is the PV and tips on removing and installing a new one. Thanks
  2. Hey guys I ran a compression test on my motor today. I bought the car with a swap, it's either a 68 289 or a 69 302 im not sure and neither was the previous owner. I have some smoke coming out of the tailpipe and when I removed the driver side breather had a little blow by coming from the valve cover. The plugs were covered in oil and the 8th cylinder was reading 65 psi and the 1st cylinder was reading 90psi. Do you think the cause is bad valve stem seals, bad piston rings, or both? Money is very tight right now so trying to figure out what to do. Also if there is any temporary fixes for atleast a short time to reduce the smoke and help boost compression please let me know as money to rebuild a new motor is not really feasible right now. Thanks a bunch
  3. i know the coupes and fast back moldings are not interchangeable. email is jerseystangs@gmail.com
  4. i know the coupes and fast back moldings are not interchangeable. email is jerseystangs@gmail.com
  5. i just snagged this set off ebay. i have the 4 molding pieces and those 2 brackets. can you tell me what the other little components i will need is in that bag and also how to install
  6. hey do you happen to have the door glass chrome moldings? im located in NJ also. need them for my 69 coupe. thanks
  7. a 95 gt came with a 5.0, the 4.6 didnt start until 96
  8. hey guys just wanted to introduce myself as i am new to the forum. My name is Phil, i am 21 years old, live in NJ, college student and firefighter since i was 17. I just picked up a 69 coupe to restore. I own a 2012 mustang so the 69 is a world of a difference to me. I was lucky enough to find the rear window trim. it has the top piece, bottom and two sides as well as these 2 square/triangle brackets with 2 nuts on each. just wanted to know what other parts i will need to install as well as if you have any pics, videos, or tutorials on how to install it. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :batman::thumbup:
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