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How important is the 1 piece convertible seat pan

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Because of the height of the seats ill be installing i won't need the seat pans. Even with my stock pans of my 69 coupe it was too high. 

With no pans its a perfect height. 

So the problem i have is i can't install the convertible 1 piece seat pans.  I was planning on welding a nice 1/8 sheet of metal (or thicker) where the pan was and maybe some 1/8 sheet pounded/shaped over the tunnel and welded in. 

I think RPM told me to even consider cutting off the pans and welding in the tunnel part only but this was before I even attempted to remove my pans.  Either him or I read that here somewhere. 

I wanted to do the rockers and pans and leave it like that on the body and work on the front and rear with other methods but since I can't use the pans I'm a little lost. 

You guys think I'll be good with my idea of welding in some thick sheets of metal and forming some over the the tunnel?

I can still cancel the seat pans if I choose.  Its not expensive but I don't want that laying around and not be able to use them

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