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9" rear axle bearing

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pulled out my axle today because it sounds like I was riding a horse and the bearing fell apart on me.

its only a year old.  Im now looking for an AMERICAN made bearing so im thinking Timken. Any thoughts?

if so anyone have a part number? 

I cant seem to find it .



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On 3/10/2020 at 7:40 PM, nymustang1969 said:

Replaced my axle bearings last year. Don't member the part number, but I ordered them from Summit Racing. They were Timken bearings, stamped made in Japan. Quality looked very good. Put about 4000 miles on them. No problems.

There was a time all Timken bearings were U.S. made.  For a long time now, I'm guessing at least 25 years, Timken has offered both U.S. and imported bearings.  Most Timken bearings you find in parts stores are imported.  Industrial supply stores will carry the U.S. made bearings.  NAPA will sometimes have the U.S. made bearings.  Bearings sold by companies like Moser, Currie, etc. are usually U.S. made.  As you can guess, there is a big price difference between the two.

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