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Brothers 69 Mach

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Boy was he surprised, I opened the shop door for him and his jaw dropped. First question he had was about the tie rod ends, told him that was fixed thurs night and was the bait. Then popped the hood, hooked up the battery and said “take her for a spin”. Thank he crapped in his pants on that one since he was clueless on me picking up the motor 3 weeks ago. 
He fired her up and was gone for about 20 min, started getting a little worried since the front end needs aligned and has uncapped headers and I hadn’t driven it yet. 
He pulled back in grinning from ear to ear. 
I’m going to finish a couple of little things, fix the header leak, exhaust run, and front end aligned. He’ll need that much time to clean his shop up to park it in. 

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5 hours ago, stangs-R-me said:

Wow that really looks great ... never seen a Champagne Gold Mach 1 until the Mustang Recognition Guide came out in 1981 with the nice big 2-page pic near the center of the book.   My parents had a '78 Country Squire in this color and it really looked sharp with the contrasting woodgrain just as a Mach 1 does with all the black contrast.   Seen it since on plain jane Mustangs and it does look kina blah on its own.

Does it have a Tilt Steering Wheel ??   Certainly looks tilted up in the drivers side pic but there is no 2nd switch in the door jam for the tilt-away function.   In the pass side pic it looks straight ... optical illusion maybe ??

Can't wait to hear about your brother's reaction !!




Tilt was added, without installing all the components to go with, which we have. Missing the cover where wires are exposed though. 

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Dude, what a great project. You all will never forget this.   

Nothing like a test drive with uncapped headers and a mis-aligned front end.

That's the way I drove all my cars back in the day...lol

The color is stunning.  Great job


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