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69 Mach 1 Door Questions

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Hi all, I am having my car painted and have discovered my driver door probably needs to be replaced. There was some poor body work done in the past that may not be worth fixing. The car is a 1969 Mach1 Q code out of Dearborn. 

1) Are 1969 Mach 1 doors interchangeable with other 69 or 70 models? 

2) I have the remote mirror. Does this require a specific Mach 1 door?

3) Are any of the reproduction doors of decent quality?


Here are some I found:







Thank you!






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It would be rare to find an OEM door that doesn't need work same as the repo's. Repo panels is never plug and play.   However the repo panels are rust free and may take some shaping and manipulating to get to your liking but it is doable. 

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1st, there are differences between a 69 and 70 doors, if you look for them.


NPD's doors are good, but not great. The upper hinges needed to have the holes elongated as the door's mount does not have enough adjustment. The holes for the rear screw in the door handle do not line up well. The opening for the lock had to be filed out a little. The 4 holes to mount the window regulator do not line up well. I found the upper flat horizontal edge of the doors to be a little wavy. They had minor waves in the outer sheet metal. 

Otherwise, they were a good fit, straight and well built. They have more of a 69 door look than a 70.


Drivers door in the next pix is the original that I ended up replacing with an NPD door due to serious rust that compromised the lower door hinge mount area.



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 Thank you for the great responses everyone. I was hoping the reproductions were better quality.  I live in the Portland Oregon area so maybe prices for OEM parts are different on the west coast.  Cost of living here might have something to do with it. 

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