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DIY Eccentric Eliminators

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This is an old topic from me, but when reviewing my signature links for dead pictures I realized I never created an actual thread about it here on 69stang (just on the VMF). For those that enjoy fabricating their own stuff to save money, I've created a PDF with dimensions to create your own eccentric eliminators. Its really easy to do as long as you can accurately centerpunch and drill the holes. Once one plate is made, use a transfer punch using the completed plate onto the 2nd plate. Harbor Freight has transfer punches in case you don't have any, they are handy when replicating parts.


Attached below is the PDF as well as pics below, not of the actual fab'd plates but of what the aftermarket versions look like.


The numbers on the drawing are intended to be stamped into the plate so that you can keep track of the orientation of each plate. The numbers are sequential to the slight changes in camber. There is also a small hole drilled near the lower left corner, also to help with orientation. I also notice many have updated their plates to only include 2 holes. I only have the 3 hole version, but if someone has the two hole one I'd be curious how the dimensions measure up. My guess is they don't allow for as fine of camber adjustments as the 3 hole does.




Eccentric Eliminator Plate.pdf

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Thanks!  I had done these quite a few years ago, mostly including the PDF and pics in responses to people starting threads about the eliminators and such. Let me know if you have any questions GypsyR!  Pretty basic stuff.


Grabber, life has been super busy with a 4yr old boy and 6yr old girl at home and an accelerating career.  Hoping to get back into the mustang hobby again

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