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Engine block paint for a 1969 428CJ - Which blue?

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Hi Folks,


I need to choose an engine paint that best resembles the original engine paint used on the 69 428CJ engine block and heads. I am not doing a concours restore but I would like to be in the ballpark on color/hue/tone.


I'm a VHT fan but I'm open to other options. Which should I use to match the original color?





SP125 Ford Dark Blue

SP134 Ford Light Blue

SP138 New Ford Blue

SP755 Competition Ford Blue




Ford Blue Engine Enamel with Ceramic

Ford Dark Blue Engine Enamel with Ceramic

Old Ford Blue Engine Enamel with Ceramic




224 Ford Blue

205 Old Ford Blue

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copy of a previous post I had made.



for reference.


the following picture compares Plasti-Kote 224 engine enamel to "Ford Blue" 13358 with about 12% flatting added.


Of course each batch will probably be different.


The plasti-kote is on the left side. You may not be able to tell, but the plasti-kote is slightly darker blue or maybe a little more purple.






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I use Ford Dark blue.  Pretty sure I got this at NAPA.  Works out pretty nice for me as touch up is easy and the color always match's up.  I spray a small amount into the cap and use a very small paint brush for the touch up.  Brian



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I don't know what year in the mid-late 1960's Ford changed from the light blue to the dark blue.  But I am fairly certain in 1969 dark Ford blue was the correct color.  The shade of it does vary between paint brands.  I like Dupli-Color paints for aerosol cans.  They have the best spray pattern of aerosol canned paints I have used. 

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Messing with this same question and thought I would add a comparrison. The paint cans are all duplicolor. I have been using the center one called "old ford blue". The trans tube and smog tubes came with the car and are much darker; like the left can.



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