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-Several Questions, Followed by Several More Questions ...

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     Ok, not even sure where to start with this one .... I just bought a 69 Mustang Convertible, 302, with Factory A/C it had the disk brake conversion completed for both front and rear .... however the brake system light on the dash is on and will NOT go out ... any suggestions? I mean besides take the bulb out, don't drive it at night, put a piece of tape over it ... etc, etc.... I mean I come here for sound advice ... if I wanted lunacy I would continue to ask my wife (take the bulb out) or my Non Mustang owning friends (don't drive it at night and put a piece of tape over it) although my wifes advice was a little more sound than Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber ....


     Next Question:  The factory A/C unit seems to engage and blow although it doesn't blow cold air which is to say it sucks ..... I'm hoping it just needs a charge yes I know, I know, I know it's NEVER that easy .... Hmmmmm  wonder if lunacy is contaigious .... anyway I've decided to try the easy stuff first for a change, normally I would rip the entire A/C unit out of the car disassemble it piece by piece and put it back to together much more efficently ... I KNOW I've reassembled it more efficently because I have pieces left over and it seems to work just fine .... anyway ... my question is, is there a suitable substitute for the freon used in factory A/C units without any modifiocations???


     Next Question:  As stated in the above "Next Question" the facorty A/C unit seems to engage, however, if the settings are set on  ...say.... "COOL" and you turn the fan on air comes out of the dash vents at the windows, if you put the setting on "HEAT"  you will get air out of the  dash vents at the windows and through the vents in the middle of the dash and the diver and passeger side vents ... now (leaving the fan on) shift the settings back to "COOL" and the selector to "MAX A/C" and the air will only blow out through the dash vents at the windows until you turn off the fan and turn it back on at which point you have air through all your vents .... Hmmmmm I've read this 6 times and I'm still confused ... I guess my question is .. what is the correct sequence for operating the A/C .....


     Next Question:  Why doesn't my radio work?!?!? of all the questions, I need this one aswered FIRST ... otherwise if the radio is not on, my spouse assumes it's a green light to talk about grandchildren, gardening, gout and/or cleaning my garage ....

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Brake Switch

That brake light switch is plugged into your distribution block just forward of your master cylinder. I assume you have an aftermarket disc brake upgrade and it is very possible that the PO didn't bother reconnecting or sorting your brake light warning switch. I assume you have brakes which is a the most important thing. There are probably several options hopefully the easiest is that it is laying in the engine bay or cut wires and you can just re-connect it. Post what you find and we'll go from there.



Not sure what vents are on the side as I have a defrost vent, at the windshield, a center vent, and two side vents. These are mechanically operated with a cable so this doesn't make much sense that if the fan is running you are getting air circulation out of vents sporadically.


I am sure others will chime in particularly about converting to R-134 on your existing equipment.

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Ok my friend, you are in hell . . no two ways about it.


1. radio – check the fuse . . also check the fuse holder for rust . . clean if rusty . . check speaker.


2. yup, the brake valve is off centered so you are totally screwed . . heres some options.


Option 1.


Remove the switch in it.


Look in the hole . . you will see the side of a metal rod.


Remove the brake hose in the top of it.


Look inside the hole . . if you see the end of a rod that is around 1/8†and it is near the top of the valve, push it down around 1/4â€.


Look in the brake switch hole . . if you see a groove in the rod . . center the groove in the hole.


Reinstall the switch.


Buy a bolt for that hole and replace the switch with the bolt.


Tighten the bolt against the rod so it can never ever move again.


If the rod is around ¾†from the top of the hole, you must pull it up with narrow tip needle nose pliers.


Good friggen luck.



Option 2


Remove disassemble and fix it



Option 3


Buy a new one.



3. ac vents…yeah right.


1. buy a mity vac vacuum pump.


2. there is a can mounted on the outside of the fender apron with 2 hoses on it . . plug the hose to the engine . . remove the other hose. Plug small fitting on can and apply 20 hg of vacuum to can . . if it will not hold it has a hole in the bottom . . fix it with jb weld and try it again.


3. remove the dash pad.


4. pull each hose of each vacuum valve one at a time and suck em down . . if they leak, buy new ones.


5. inspect the arm from the vent to the vacuum pod on the top center vent . . they are sometimes broken.


6. if the arm does not move when the pod had vacuum, you need to free the vent flap up.


Good luck.



Ac charge


Let the ac guys do it unless you have the stuff . . you can buy a front pump seal for r134 for $15.00 and easily install it.

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The brake light switch can stick ,it works off a pin that is pushed up if the valve is ever off center due to bleeding the brakes or just a leak in a wheel cylinder .Remove the switch ,it will not leak ,see if the pin moves up and down easily .If it isn't stuck the valve is probably off center ,if it is stuck you can push it back down and it will usually work after that .

Can't help with the radio ,unless it is the fuse or just unplugged .


If the spouse will not stop talking ...leave the air not working and tell her /him to stick their head out the window to keep cool,that may stop all conversation ...or get your butt kicked !

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