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1969 Mustang Parts Car

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Warranty Number: 9F01F219996


Year: 9 1969

Plant: F Dearborn, MI

Body Series: 01 2 Door Hardtop

Engine: F 302 2v V8

Unit: 219996 219996



Miscellaneous Vehicle Data


Body: 65A 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior

Color: M Wimbledon White

Trim: 2D Dark Red Vinyl and Dark Red Kiwi Vinyl, Standard Interior

Date: 14G July 14, 1969

D.S.O: 47 Cincinnati

Axle: 3 2.79:1, Conventional

Trans: W C4 Auto

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I'm missing a couple hardware clips. I need 1 that mounts the passenger side lower clock panel. I need 1 clip that mounts the lower radio / heater bezel. Finally 1 of the plastic main wiring harness clips that mount the main harness to the lower dash. Here's a short list of some parts I've been trying to buy:


Headlight switch bezel


Ignition bezel


Turn signal lever


Drivers door


LH fender


RH fender


Dash clip, passenger side that mounts lower clock panel (need 1)


Dash clip, mounts the lower radio / heater bezel (need 1)


Main wiring harness to lower dash plastic clip


Turn signal wire harness cover ( under column w/tilt)


70-up timing cover


351W front sump oil pump


Pm or email leoatbpd@aol.com if you have any of this available in good condition.

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