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Brake flaring made easy

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Not exactly a How-to but....



Let me start off by saying that I am not selling a product or sponsored by anyone nor have any benefit by posting this.


I am currently active duty USMC, prior to this I was an ASE master tech for 10 years (still hold my certs and work on cars on the reg)


I have not had to replace too many brake lines at the dealership level, but consistently replaced them at the independent repair shops as well as my cars and projects.


Long story short, I recently plumbed my whole 1969 fastback with stainless lines and new fittings for 2008 front disc, stock rear 8" drums, FRPP prop valve, and tons and tons of care, busted knuckles and time with poor poor results. Almost every fitting leaked and some fluid ate the NEW FRESH PAINT off of my NEVER DRIVEN restorations.


I have always used the "traditional" flaring tools- simple kits with the small dies and T-handle with the bar that holds the brake lines. then you fight it and normally manage to make a crap flare.


I have used many many many different kits. I currently have a Matco double flaring 45 degree kit, and an OTC ISO (bubble) Flare kit. each kit was about 50-80 bucks (cant remember)


I recently decided to bite the bullet and buy the 199 dollar Inline Tube kit




Its the same kit that Eastwood, K tools and a few others use/sell. Normally you see them 235 or so for the kit but some shopping can get you the kit for 200 shipped.


This is by far-the EASIEST-BEST quality flares I have ever made. I used to spend about 20-30 minutes per flare with the traditional method and now it takes less than 5 minutes. If you are starting with a fresh line you might have 2 minutes invested with a perfect, uniform flare.


Eastwood has some very informational "How to use" videos which are worth the watch.


I am still going to use my Stainless line but with 37 degree AN fittings and 3/16" Inverted flare to -3 AN adapters where needed. I bought the 37 degree adapter from eastwood for 95 bucks, so I have 300 invested and can do pretty much anything i need to now.


It was sooooooo easy that my wife flared a line with mild steel (her first time ever) in 5 minutes.


I have done quite a bit of research between this and the Mastercool hydraulic kit with a similar pricepoint. It can do all of this plus quick connect fittings (one benefit/selling point)


I have seen many reviews saying the hyd kit leaked or was very easy to over-flare the lines if you are not careful. The K-tool kits work best in a vise due to being somewhat cumbersome but thats a smaller price to pay than having a hyd hand tool that leaks and cant flare.


Anyway, I wanted everyone to know that I wish I had bought this tool 10 years ago (wasnt out and I was cheaper with money back then)


I have easily spent over the 200 bucks this initial investment wouldve been by purchasing sub-par traditional kits.


The only hints or advice I have for any line repair is to make 100% sure you file your line square and center your dies (K-tools auto centers by detent)


Im sure other ppl have different input about the traditional kits and great success but this is so much easier its worth it and you can sell the tool on ebay or something when done

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Great. I bought the ridgid flaring tool and it works ok but won't do double flares. If I had known about this one I would have done it instead. Couldn't see paying the $300+ for they hydraulic one when I could buy the pre made lines cheaper. I will probably pick up one of these incase I need it in the future.

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I bought a brake line flaring tool from OTC when I needed to replace a line on my 2000 Ranger 4X4 & it came in handy when I needed to modify the new lines for my Mustang. I got the OTC # - 6502 master brake flaring tool kit, that does single, double, & bubble flares.


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