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69 mach1 Wheel and tire size

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On 3/11/2021 at 6:02 AM, 69RavenConv said:

It's a great idea - Dodgestang tried for years and finally gave up. Seems like the next guy always has a different wheel/tire/suspension setup than the last guy so it never ends.

agreed, I tried to base my wheel setup on this chart when I started to pick out wheels and tire combos, but soo many ppl had different set ups, its hard to collect that much data as every year a new kit would appear. 

Im happy with my setup 18x9/10 245/40 275/40 with SOT Front Coil Overs and Grab-A-Track 4.5 Mid Eye leafs with Vintage Venom's brake kit: 




IMG_9702 2.JPG

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10 hours ago, Brian Conway said:

As back spacing is an important part of the equation it should be included with the spec's ?  Brian

Yep, absolutely. 

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I don't think I ever posted in this thread.

Wheels and Tires:

Coker Magnum 500 15x7 front, 15x8 rear

Cooper Cobra P235/60 R15 in front, P245/60 R15 in rear

Suspension Mods Sourced from Opentrackerracing :

1" UCA drop, 560 1" drop coil springs, 1/4" Poly coil spring insulators, 1 1/8" front sway bar kit, Roller spring perches, Standard Upper arms, Standard Lower arms, New Strut rod bushings, KYB Front shocks, Grab-A-Track rear shocks, 4.5 Mid eye 1" drop leaf springs with new U-Bolt, front eye bolt and rear shackle kit




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