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Thoughts on this '69 Fastback...

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Hey Guys,


I'm in the market for a '69 Fastback, and found one out here that has potential... I want to get your guys opinion on this. He started it as a project and got in over his head. Its a complete car, and has pretty much everything but a motor. He has a seized 351C, but I talked the guy down to $3,000 for everything if he kept the motor. (I want a 351W anyway). Only con is the body work it will need. He bought it from a guy that stored it under a gutter, so a lot of the window channels have cancer, and most of the water ran down the A pillar into the cowl, and door supports.



Original Mach 1

Clear Title in hand

Frame, Torque Boxes, and front end are in GREAT shape

Has all exterior trim

Has all glass

Has all interior which is in great shape

Converted to T5 already

Has a replacement hood and trunk

Original Rims

9" Rear



Needs Quarters

Needs Taillight panel

Needs passenger floor

Needs Cowl

Needs lower A Pillar door frames which I can't find anywhere


I was thinking I would just use the Dynacorn full replacement panels:



Wondering what you guys think of it, and if its worth the body work that will go into it. I can do the work myself, but still wondering if its a good deal?


Here's the pics - First one is prior to him cutting a quarter off











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I would not take that car on.. to much rust..I would look for another body..

I cut up a 69 mach for parts.. when we loaded it on a roll back the cowl split and almost left the front end there on the ground..It was a little worse than the one shown.. there is a point when it is only a parts car..I found a convertible for 1000 bucks front hit.... body bent ..and missing trim.. way to far gone to repair..

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Why do you think he's selling it???? If it was worth anything, I bet he'd keep it.

Mine was in much better shape then that thinking a patch here and a patch there. I've already replaced about every piece of sheet metal on the car and that's much than your purchase price.


Run away from this one as fast as you can, in time another will come your way.

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Yeah.... decided to RUN from this one after adding up the sheetmetal on CJ and reading your comments.


Thanks, guys!


May have got a lead on a '70 with a already restored body... going to make a call this week to learn more. I'll keep you all posted.

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