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LED bulbs 194 type

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I bought some 194 led bulbs bulk. I put them in my 69 Mustang and my Prelude SH. The pics show the difference between the regular 194 bulb and the LED lighting up a Yogurt container. Huge difference. They are friggen awesome and blow away the regular bulbs. The dash on my 69 is unbelievable clear and defined. I need to sell off some. I have 2 types. The tower bulbs have 10 LEDs and I will sell them for $1 each with a minimum of 10 bulbs plus shipping. The regular LED 194 I will sell for .25 cents each with a minimum of 10 bulbs plus shipping. Hey when you send me money on paypal tell me what you want. I respond to PM,s that have a screen name and then the Paypal has your real name. I just got several orders at once...its confusing.

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