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Mach 1 Project I started...

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Made it out to the garage for about an hour and a half last night. Fired up the heater and did some painting.


Finished the underside of the lower control arms



I took a flap wheel to the axle housing, cleaned it all up, primed and painted it satin black





Next up will be to clean the carrier, paint it, and then clean up the mess i made in the new garage...

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Took some soaking, but i got the carrier cleaned up, and painted (this was before I installed the snubber mount and Yoke)



Replaced the wheel seals and bearings, which wasn't too bad. I picked up a 12 ton press to do the job. It was cheaper than paying someone else.



I also ran all the fuel lines and dropped in the fuel tank for some mock up.

I want the car to appear correct (undercoat over spray on rails) but i am not going 100% concours.





Not the best pic, but the lighting sucks and its a camera phone:


First time the wheels have been under the car in over 2 years!!!!!


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Ran the rear brake lines lastnight




Put on the dust shields and rotors, ready for shocks and springs - i also started to prep the steering links to be installed.



Quick picture of the trunk cut in and the fuel tank in place.

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