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69 mach 408w build

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all the panels and the body have now received their final application of primer (including undersides). 

so, the topcoat process starts with the gloss black urethane on the rollcage (easiest to mask).  undercarriage is up next.






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8 hours ago, JET 445 said:

I hope you love masking because you are going to be doing a mountain of it to protect each part through all the painting stages. It's fun right? This is my latest one.


looks great.

i hate masking.  I'm also not to worried about overspray in the cabin area (except trunk and dash).  i spent several house masking when prepping to paint the cage, just to prevent having to sand overspray from the other surfaces when it's time to final sand those (and prevent dirt from getting blown out from goofy places like the roof area).  I spent most of the evening tuesday night masking the cage to prevent it from getting any oversprays....






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