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Hey Guys,

havn't been on here a while, but i'm hoping you guys might have some input...Basicly I purchase a "Performance Automatic" AOD from Hawaii Racing in simi valley. The trans has been in the car for about a year, while I was finishing the wiring, and other stuff. so last september I started the car up, and had the TV pressure set on the trans... everything seemed fine, I took it for a cruise and noticed it wouldn't shift into overdrive, I called a friend that worked on transmissions, he couldn't figure it out and called performance automatic, and they said to recheck the TV cable. Then about two weeks ago i took it to a shop locally, he said that the trans is bad and totally needs to be rebuilt... not what i wanted to hear. so I called Performance automatic, and Bill there said "you need to adjust the TV cable, and the trans is fine because it was dyno tested" basically no help at all... I told the trans shop what he said , and then disconnect the TV cable completely and with the lever all the way back it was still making 50-60 psi...

So basically where I am at, is that the AOD is brand new, it will shift into gears 1-2-3 but wont shift into over drive, At idle the transmission build 50-60 psi of oil pressure with the cable completely relaxed, two shops locally have tried to figure the problem but come with the same answer that the transmission needs to be completely gone through... I'm at the point where I am going to throw the POS in the ocean, and get a TKO.

So if you have any thoughts let me know...


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