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69 GT on the Dyno

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Very nice numbers for both you.:thumbup:


I need to get my M-code Cleveland re-dynoed. With headers and a Weiand single-plane manifold it did 260 rwhp/310 rwtq but would fall flat much over 5000 rpms. Not enough carb or cam to take advantage of the manifold's higher rpm capabilty. Last week I swapped the manifold for a Edlebrock 351C-4V dual-plane and now it just RIPs through the mid-range and beyond, I stop at 5500 and it's still climbing. The "butt-o-meter" tells me at least 20 more hp are back in the old corral (LOL).


Quick video:

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That is one nice video of your car. Do you have any more to share?

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