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Mustang 2 front end question

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Hopefully you’ll allow this post, I’m still working  on the 69 restmod,  but I’ve now bought a 68 fastback into the U.K. as my next resto  project \!

its been modified and looks like it’s got some form of mustang 2 front end.

I haven’t decided what to do with them car yet, considering going modular engine, but before I start major surgery, I’d be interested to know if anyone here can identify what I have.

I’d also be interested to see what your opinion of its is eg could I reuse it for say a hiigh powered 427, what are its limitations etc.- BTW the shock towers have been cut our, so intention of going back to them. 













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I'm not MII literate, but it looks oem to me. I not aware of any MII aftermarket kits that use stamped metal crossmembers like you have. If you're planning on using the front suspension I'd address the holes where the upper control arms mount. Those holes should be oval so the bolts are captive, and not open where the bolts could slide out if then come loose. 

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