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  1. I have it. Can you post a picture of your problem? I remember the shocks hitting my sway bar, not the UCAs when I installed them.
  2. Go for the TCP Rack and Pinon. Woodward internals, clears long tube headers. It's a truly bolt-in deal. You need not modify a single part on the car, but you'll not get a great result with a factory Ford PS pump. The KRC pump that they sell is excellent The flow valves i n the pump can be swapped out for tuning.. Going for their manual rack and an electric assist steering column might also be a option.
  3. Awesome story Caseyrhe! The car turned out great!
  4. Welcome! Looks like a solid project.
  5. Hey, just try it. If it's too sensitive, replace it with a bigger MC. Worst case you'll just spread your investment.
  6. I'm running a 1-1/8" MC with my Hydraboost. The total caliper piston area governs how large MC you need. But for big brake kits 1-1/8" MC is the way to go. http://www.hydratechbraking.com/FAQ.html
  7. Use a chain block. The Mustang got a long nose.
  8. I have some pictures when I did mine. I have Dynacorn shocktowers, so they came with the Big Block braces installed. There's a plate on the inside of the tower also. The Boss 429 type braces I made out of cardboard first, then steel. Not much info, but I hope the pictures will help.
  9. Just press down the adjuster knob to release tension, and remove the cables.
  10. Yeah, it's the Chevy 350 that need reduced base circle cams (on strokers I think), because they have no room inside the block.
  11. I see Marcus Anghel has the fender pieces NOS. http://anghelrestorations.com/parts.html He would also be the guy to talk to about how to restore the items you do have, and any questions about the two types you have observed. You could also find good info over at concoursemustang.com.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Is there some kind of special equipment on the car since it got 2 vacuum canisters?
  13. I've had Percy Seal-4-Good gasket for years. Reuasable, had them on and off a couple of times. The're multilayer aluminum. I think they are now Taylor Cable brand. It carries the same part number, and looks the same as Percy. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/php-66014 I linked the Windsor gasket. Is that a Cleveland gasket you got there? As for torque, usualy you can only work with wrenches, so I go as much as I can without slipping with that 3/8s wrench. Then retorque after a day, and again the next day after that. I've always used ARP bolts.
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