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  1. The cougar dash is cool, can you use these on our mustangs as the lower is the same? Would make for an interesting interior. I wish parts were as easy to come by over here in the UK, parts are rare and the sellers want silly money for them so you may as well buy new for a little more.
  2. Very much enjoying your project, hopefully giving me inspiration to get to work on mine again after the winter break. I'm sure you'll enjoy your 5 speed conversion, nothing like dropping it into 5th at cruising speed and seeing the rpm's drop to a nice relaxing level.
  3. I never have got around to getting a Marti report for my car, guess I should and find out for sure. Here's a pic of my Mach1 launching hard on drag radials at around 4000rpm, in an attempt to get it into the twelves. This is on a stock T5 out of a 1990 5.0GT, the clutch is a Ford Motorsport King Cobra, the Cleveland was putting out around 380BHP. As the car was set up for open track events it had very little weight transfer so couldn't really make use of the drag radials, and would run the same numbers on street tyres, grippy street tyres, I use yokohoma A539's on the street. This pass did hurt the clutch a bit, had to slide underneath and adjust it back in the pits, the Cleveland eventually mashed up a bearing and is being rebuilt, the T5 is waiting to be refitted.
  4. I love your confused shaker set-up. My 70 351 4V Cleveland mach1 has a shaker on it, trouble is the base is off a 428CJ car so I am not so sure its a factory shaker or the bits were taken off a dead 428 car. The shaker did not sit central in the hole in the hood so I had to drill new mounting holes slightly further back, it now sits nice and central. Can you tell if the car was a factory shaker anywhere? I also use a T5 out of a dead 90GT without any problems, only use street tyres and you will be ok. I've done loads of quarter mile passes with no problems, just treat the T5 with respect no power shifting or anything like that. Good project, I'm enjoying it.
  5. You're so right, stuff does happen fast. Still not sure what happened that day other than the rear end slid out on a bend, then it snapped the other way and spun once or twice then went backwards into a tree, along the way it put a massive dent into the top of the passenger wing and tore off the door mirror and dented drivers side rear wheel arch. I was not sure of the white colour when I brought it ten years ago and always thought I do a colour change one day, however the white really grew on me and now I would not want it any other colour.
  6. Sorry to see your crash, such a beautiful looking car too. Your rebiuld is coming along nicely though, all the best with it. I used to worry about this sort of thing happening when I used to do trackdays, especially as my insurance diid not cover me and I never used to take out trackday insurance. As it turned out I ended up crashing my car on a normal road a few years ago due too slippy autumn roads and lack of concerntration. All fixed up now though. Thread on it here;- http://www.mocgb.net/forums/showthread.php?24421-Mach1-project
  7. Hi, just read the whole of this thread about your car, remember seeing it in Car Craft while ago and thinking how cool it looked but maybe I am biased as I also own a white 70 Mach1 with a 351. Mine is done as a " street trans-am" theme, and was regularly used in open track events, it has all the usual handling mods, rear discs and a 5 speed conversion with 3.50 gears. I am just in the process of biulding a new motor for it and up-grading the brakes to 4 pot calipers with larger discs for the front. There is a short vid clip on this site of it on the track. Here are some pics
  8. I've got a strange problem with the brakes on my 70mach1, it has stock fronts and a rear disc conversion. Recently it felt as if the master cylinder had worn out allowing the pedal to slowly drop, so I fitted a new m/c assembley which I bench bled beforehand.Now, I;ve been unable to get a decent feeling pedal for about a month, I've re-bled it, re-bench bled the m/c checked everything but its the same as it was with the old master cylinder. This is how it is, with the engine off the pedal feels not to bad, not maybe as hard as it used to but if you start the engine then the pedal goes real spongey as if there is lots of air bubbles in the system. You can press the pedal down through this spongeyness to a certain point were you can feel it connect against something, as if the springs in the m/c are compressing and you can feel them coilbind? is this possible? I have checked the rubber flexy hoses and they are all good, and new about 6 years ago, is it the servo acting up? I used to get a slight sinking of the pedal when I started the engine followed by a rising when I stopped the engine but no longer get this, I read somewhere that this was a good test of a servo's health? I'm getting totally baffled by this, can anyone help please?
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