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  1. Long cables will add resistance and voltage drop between the battery and the starter. What is the voltage at the solenoid static and while cranking?
  2. Shave the gear in the end of the Speedo cable to one with more or less teeth depending in the direction it’s off. https://lmr.com/products/Mustang-Speedometer-Gear-Calculator?gclid=CjwKCAjwuIWHBhBDEiwACXQYsYo3gGmyCZL6IhOQtOUBnEqPIn2G4AFt8mjdBdUvFzkvxuw1PH-WDRoCB54QAvD_BwE
  3. You should have the builder of the trans validate. I know of no .78 option for an aod/4r70w/4r75e. As well the math does not support .78.
  4. I knew I had seen pictures of this car before. Are you sure you have the correct VIN? Ah, reading more closely I see the photo is not the same car. https://www.concoursmustang.com/forum/index.php?topic=15252.0 Mike
  5. 4r70w is a 0.70:1, assume that is a typographical error. It really depends on the tq available at the cruise rpm, the converter and the lockup schedule. My lightning cruises at 2200 rpm at 70 mile an hour, lots tq available. I believe I would have a discussion with to the cam designer about this. However, my guess the 3.70 or 3.50 will be fine. 3.00 may be fine as well but may require a different shift schedule specifically for it.
  6. Take a look at these: https://www.428cobrajet.org/speedo-gears https://www.428cobrajet.org/speedo-calc
  7. Brackets from here, rotors, and some new or rebuilt calipers and your your good to go. https://mustangsteve.com/product-category/rear-disc-brake-conversion-brackets/
  8. I would expect most any aftermarket 31 spline axle will take what you may throw at it with any street tire, they are not going to grip anyway. There are many calculators available online to help with gear selection or get out the old slide rule.: https://spicerparts.com/calculators/transmission-ratio-rpm-calculator
  9. If I recall correctly the vaccume line runs to a valve that closes when the engine warms up, cutting off vaccume to the motor. No or less vaccume allows the motor to open the door allowing ambiant air to enter the air cleaner. Door is normally open and closes with vaccume.
  10. Should be open normally. Closes in order to draw warm air when cold. These may be rebuilt, however, not sure it is worth the cost or effort.
  11. There is always the chisel & its friend the BFH to split the cap. :-)
  12. May be time to break out the dremel. I would not grind on the driveshaft only on the clip and or cup. Those retainers are meant for joints that have the grove on the inside portion of the cap, near the center of the cross.
  13. Rather than work from the ends you might try trying to get a pick or small screw driver between the clip and lip of the driveshaft and pry to the enter, up in your picture. With any luck it will force the two ends together and the clip will pop out. Also applying inward pressure on the cap may give you a bit more wiggle room, socket an vice or c clamp.
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    Here is the left: http://mustangmania.com/parts/196970-ford-mustang-fastback-non-fold-down-rear-seat-trim/?part_category=interior-parts&years=69-70
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