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  1. Hey all, wanted to let you know that my documentary released last week on Amazon Prime Video! As some of you know, this has been an 8 year journey for me, with lots of highs and lows. I'm super psyched to finally have it out in the world. There's a bunch of 69 Mustang content in it (although the film is about more than just cars). It's been getting a really great response so far, and I hope you enjoy if you decide to give it a watch. Please rate/review it on Amazon as well if you enjoy it, the more ratings I get, the better chance I have of landing as a recommended video on the front page of Prime Video! Thanks for all the support over the years, and check out the official poster below! -Jason
  2. Hey guys! Been a long time... For those that don't remember me, I bought/built a 69 Mustang Coupe back in 08, and I was active on the forum here till about 2014. I had started a documentary project/blog that my Mustang was featured in, and switched over about a third of the way through to a 300zx Twin Turbo to build for road racing (then sold my Stang in 2014 to continue funding the film) - Original Documentary/Z Build Thread The years went by, and I got less and less active on car forums in general... but I was recently closing down an old email address, and came across a PM notification from member RPM on here he sent me 3 years ago! Thought I'd log in and say hello to you all, and let you know that I never gave up on the documentary, and after all these years it's finally finished and I'm planning to independently release it this summer! Was a lot of ups and downs both making the film, and subsequently trying to release it (you can read more here if interested), but I couldn't be more proud of the way it came out. Check the trailer below (feel free to subscribe/visit the website/social media/etc.), and drop a comment here to say hi if you remember me, lol. Hope you're all well! -Jay Despite The Loss Official Trailer
  3. Almost two years ago to the day I stood in the grandstands of Pocono Raceway, watching my first high performance driving event. As the cars whizzed by, I couldn’t help but wish I was out there. Last Saturday, that dream finally became a reality! My Victory Lap Just figured I'd check in with you guys. Hope all s well with you and your Stangs!
  4. The Mustang left for her new home Friday (after two weeks of weather delays). A little perspective on the blog this week about what she meant to me. http://jsworks.org/2014/02/24/and-then-there-was-one/
  5. My opinion, go with the Coyote. One of the main reasons I didn't use my stang more often was because of the lousy mpg, manual steering, and the gas smell that always comes with a carb. With a efi Coyote, you'll have everything you could ask for, and the car will still go like stink! You'll use it so much more when it's livable everyday.
  6. Go with Meir Racing leaf springs. They're forward stacked to stop axle wrap-up. I had horrible wheel hop with my 69 - I bought traction bars, but then a leaf buckled before I could install them, so I stepped up to the Meir units. Completely eliminated my wheel hop! I never had to install the traction bars.
  7. Well... She sold on eBay this morning. Guy from Florida used the buy it now option. I was totally shocked to see the email when I woke up this morning. I had no idea she would sell so quickly... I'm so happy to have gotten my asking price, but I'm not going to lie, this is so bittersweet and emotional for me. I honestly shed some tears this morning. 6+ years and a whole lot of wonderful memories. Crazy.
  8. Thanks Bob. Yes, I've actually been editing down all the footage I currently have (so I can make sure I don't need the Mustang for anything else before it sells). The film was always going to transition from the Mustang over to the Z at some point (as it's really what I was building to race). But if I'm honest, the Mustang just looks so much more sexy on camera than the Z ever will, so I tried to use it as much as I could for the film. I never envisioned the story unfolding the way it did in the beginning, and the film has become a lot more personal than I ever thought, so both cars are really just a "vehicle" to tell my story at this point. But rest assured, there will be plenty of Mustang in it! I really do appreciate all the support I've gotten from here over the past few years, this website (and everyone on it) are really great!
  9. Bittersweet day for me fellas. I've finally decided to put the Mustang up for sale. I'm going to use the cash to finish funding my documentary (which is getting close to wrapping production by summer). I'd love to see it go to a good home with someone who would use it regularly. Please pass the link along to anyone you see fit. I'll definitely miss her, but I honestly never drive her anymore, and it's such a waste for her to sit months at a time collecting dust. I still plan to be a lurker on the forum as I'll always be a "Mustang guy" at heart! http://www.ebay.com/itm/221360925282?forcerRptr=true&item=221360925282&viewitem Thanks! Jay
  10. Shouldn't you get the 69 finished first?!? ;-) Congrats on the purchase. I'd like to own a 68 coupe someday, I like that it looks a lot different from the other years.
  11. http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/2015-ford-mustang-revealed-american-pony-car-passport-045918929.html So what do we think? Strangely, I kind of like it. Although I think the headlights look a little too "Asian" - which seems the way Ford is going on all their cars to appeal more in China. It's also a little bottom heavy looking. But I think a 305 HP 4cyl Turbo and IRS is pretty cool! I hope they release the 4cyl through Ford Racing like they do the 5.0 - would love to stick one of those in the 69!
  12. Car sounds killer dude! Congrats!
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