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    Working on my 69 Mustang, 2000 Ranger 4X4, 99 Explorer Sport, & woodworking.


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    Currently rebuilding a 69 Coupe & a 65 Fastback
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    Mustangs, & woodworking
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I started working on cars with my older brother in the early 70's when I was approx 15 y.o. I did it as my profession for a few years until I hurt my back, but still staying in the automotive business in the service department for 25 years. I have owned 5 Mustangs, 1) 1970 Coupe 1st car & 1st Mustang, 2) 1969 Coupe, 3) 1968 j code GT Coupe, 4) 1965 Fastback, 5) 1969 Coupe (current project). This Mustang is my 3rd restoration, I also helped my older brother restore a 1967 GTO Vert, & he helped me on my 68 GT Coupe. I have had my current 69 Coupe since 2001 when I saved it from the crusher when I acquired it as shell that was being used as a parts car. I started buying parts & storing them until I needed them to start putting the Mustang back together. I worked on the Mustang on & off (more off then on) for the first 10 years I owned it, moving 4 times within that time made working on it difficult as a lot of the parts I needed were always packed in boxes. Starting in 2011 when we finally got settled into our current house I started working on the Mustang with a drive to get it running & moving under its own power again by its 50th birthday which will be 11/26/2018. Check out my build thread in the project progress forum.


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