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  1. Two weeks ago we put our home in NJ up for sale, & today we got an offer on it for what we were asking for it. Our house in Southern Virginia that we have been renovating for the last year, short of a few ceiling fans & a couple light fixtures is ready to move into. So in about one month we will be moving out of NJ to southern Virginia just west of Martinsville in a small town called Horsepasture. The house is 1350 sq ft ranch with a full basement & a 1 car carport on 1 acre of land & has room for a 2 car garage.
  2. Congrats. That is the next step for me on my Coupe to power it up & see what works & what doesn't.
  3. Hey guys it stinks getting old, & I am right there with you guys.
  4. Looks awesome. I love the teardrop hood.
  5. Maybe it was Mid's fault & he is trying to shift the blame from him.
  6. When the rear end was out of my Coupe I supported it there for a while, I just put a piece of 3/4" plywood between the rear torque box & the jack stand.
  7. I used a Jeg's dual fan wiring harness & relay kit & dual circuit breakers & fed the power from the solenoid to a power bar, then to the circuit breakers then to the relays.. Unfortunately the car is not running yet so I can not say how good it operates. JEGS 10570: Dual Fan Wiring Harness & Relay Kit 30 Amp (185° on 170° off) | JEGS
  8. Take care & get well soon. Getting old sucks.
  9. I would just cut out the bad metal & replace only what is needed.
  10. These are the Dakota Digital gauges I am going to use in my Coupe. 1969- 70 Ford Mustang VHX Instruments (dakotadigital.com)
  11. Welcome back. Nice pair of Mustangs.
  12. The one I am using is from a 2000 V-6. I can not tell you how it cools since my Mustang is not running at this time.
  13. I have the Contour dual electric fans. If you have a 20" radiator, you have to use the 24" radiator along with the 24" radiator upper & lower mounts.
  14. Steffan, welcome to the forum. Beautiful 69 Mach-1.
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