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  1. Her are a couple pics of the 68 GT Coupe I had back in the 80's.
  2. I am using 3/8" Nicopp line for my fuel lines. https://agscompany.com/product/nicopp-nickel-copper-brake-fuel-transmission-line-tubing-coil-3-8-x-25/
  3. Ed, the harness is not that hard to do, I am in the process of doing a AAW harness in my 69 Coupe. I looks intimidating but do a little at a time & you will get through it.
  4. My story starts in 1967 when I was 9 years old. My Uncle wanted to buy a new car & he narrowed it down to a 1967 Mustang & a 1967 Cougar. My younger brother & I wanted him to buy the Mustang & my 2 older brothers wanted him to buy the Cougar, he ended up buying the Cougar. My oldest brother bought the Cougar from our Uncle & I spent many days riding in that car. My next older brother bought a 1970 Mustang Coupe which I bought from him when he decided to get another car. The 70 Coupe was totaled by a drunk driver so of course I had to have another Mustang which ended up being a 1969 Coupe. A few years later my next older brother bought a 68 Mustang GT Coupe from our Cousin, which I in turn bought from him when he wanted a new car. I kept that 68 GT for about 15 years. After the 68 GT I bought a 65 Fastback for my wife which she ended up selling after about 10 years when her interests turned from cars to motorcycles. After buying the 65 Fastback for my wife I acquired a 69 Coupe as a rolling shell that was being stripped for parts & I have since been putting it back together & modifying it for the past 18 years. As a side note my other cousin had a 69 Mach-1 with a 390 back in the mid 70's which was also an inspiration for me to buy Mustangs.
  5. In Horse Pasture, just west of Martinsville. We are about 10 - 15 minutes from the Martinsville Speedway.
  6. I did not know that place was there. My wife & I drive right past there going to our house in southern Va.
  7. I have the round one. Would you like me to open it up & check before you pay shipping on something you can not use?.
  8. I have a complete dash clock from a 69 Mach-1 that I do not need if you think it will work for parts you are welcome to it. Jut pay for the shipping.
  9. When I started the rebuild on my 69 Coupe I ditched the leaking factory P/S & went to manual steering & added the Opentracker Racing roller idler arm. With the engine & trans in the car with the car sitting still I can turn the steering wheel with ease with one hand. I am guessing it will turn even easier once I get the F/E aligned properly. I also have a stock size steering wheel from a 1980's full size Bronco in my Mustang. https://opentrackerracing.com/product/roller-idler-arm-manual-steer-1967-1970/
  10. Ed, it should not be any more complicated then what I did to my 69 Coupe which was originally equipped with a C-4 auto even though my car was an almost bare shell when I acquired it. I also installed a hydraulic clutch & had a roller bearing conversion performed on the pedal hanger.
  11. Why an X pipe instead of a H pipe?.
  12. Hedman does not make a H pipe for the 88408 headers just 17" long extensions. Should I get the extensions & then have an exhaust shop make a h pipe to connect to the rest mid pipes, or have the exhaust shop make the pipe from the headers to the mid pipes?. I was also thinking of buying the H pipe from JBA for their 302 shorty headers w/T-5 trans & seeing if it would fit, or modify a stock h pipe?. Ideas, suggestions?. https://pertronixbrands.com/products/jba-performance-exhaust-1651sh-2-5-stainless-steel-mid-pipe-h-pipe-for-1650-289-302-t-5-transmission?variant=31797095366692
  13. Welcome to the forum. I did the same conversion to my 69 Coupe. I used the T-5 trans out of a 1987 Mustang, purchased a new clutch pedal, had the pedal hanger converted to a roller bearing (much smother operation) & installed a Modern Driveline hydraulic clutch conversion kit, with a Hurst shifter. Here are links to the stuff I used on my conversion. https://www.moderndriveline.com/shop/shifter-accessories/shift-levers/hurst/shift-lever-hurst-chrome-classic-style-10x5-5x1-3/ https://www.moderndriveline.com/shop/hydraulic-clutch-kits/master-cylinders/ford-master/mustang-ford-master/69-70-mustang-cougar-hydraulic-clutch-master-kit/ https://www.moderndriveline.com/shop/pedals-and-clutch-linkage/clutch-pedals/ford-clutch-pedals/oe-ford-pedals/mustang-cougar/69-70-mustang-cougar-clutch-pedal/
  14. Mr. M welcome to the forum. Just leave the top down, problem solved.
  15. I am running 215/70R-14's in front & 225/70R-14's in the rear mounted on 68/69 GT styled steel wheels. My 69 Coupe has had the Arning/Shelby UCA drop performed, it has 1" lowering front coil springs, & 4.5 mid eye leaf springs in the rear.
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