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  1. Thanks for reporting and tell your friend Chris "Good Job" :-) BTW, nice looking 73 Mach1!
  2. Awesome progress! Keep up the good work. :-)
  3. WOW! Very Nice Work! Where did you get your rear spoiler? I need to put one on my car. :-)
  4. Welcome Bobby! Thinking about doing a IFS on my car. Keep up the good work. I'll be watching your build.
  5. Looking good JandJ! What are your plans for the engine?
  6. You're making some good progress! Keep up the good work. :-) Another vote for Grabber Blue!
  7. I would Google "1969 mustang concours restoration" and look at the pictures to find the colors you want. If you're going to spend the time to do it right I'd paint all the parts pretty close to the correct color. No reason to cut corner here. ;-) I used a lot of the Eastwood Chassis Black on my suspension and happy with the results. http://www.eastwood.com/chassis-black Eastwood also has a bunch of under hood paints which I also used. http://www.eastwood.com/paints/underhood-paints.html Sorry I don't have more details for ya, but hope this gets you started down the right path. Good luck!
  8. Looks good. Are you going to fix the hood or find a replacement?
  9. I read the same as you about the T5z's on what not to do to make them last behind a Cleveland and I would have to agree and what made me consider one. Great find on the rocker panels. You probably already know this, but I think you can use that NPD Argent paint on the Mach 1 grill and headlight bezels too. I used it on my car and they look awesome. Forget VMF, Post all your Pix's here. LOL!! What's the link to your VMF thread? I'd like to see more progress pixs.
  10. Looks good. I was thinking about going with a T5z too, but didn't think they would hold up behind a 351C. I'm anxious to see how it works for you, so hurry up and get it on the road. :scooter: LOL!!
  11. Glad to see someone is going to save that car. Good Luck and will be watching the build.
  12. I love those wheel covers and almost went with a set on my car. A good set of covers are hard to find these days, so are the 14x7 wheels. Did you go with 245 BFG's? They look wide. :thumbup:
  13. The motor sounds good. Something I just noticed...the Passenger side door doesn't have the 5 lower holes punched out which allows easy access to the rocker panel mounting screws. Only real Mach 1's came with those holes, I think. I wonder if your doors may be '69s or maybe early '70s. I'll attach a picture of what I'm talking about if you don't already know.
  14. Very Nice, but why does it have a "Mach 1" clock panel emblem?
  15. Welcome! It sure looks like a fun build. Nice sound deadening. LOL! I noticed the rim blow is wrapped up. Where did they locate the horn button to?
  16. That sux's dude. Don't let it getcha down. You'll finding another sportsroof. You might want to change your site name from "70Nightmare" when you do, so you don't jinx your next build. LOL
  17. I've never seen dimensions for the side sticks, but if you haven't considered it yet you might buy a set from Graphics Express and then you would have the correct dimensions. You may also join the Boss302 forum and post your question. Good Luck.
  18. Good to hear the new harness fixed the issue and good luck getting it running. Fuel pumps are easy to replace. While you're at it you might as well replace the fuel filter too. They're cheap.
  19. Nice looking car. I would... 1. Power disc brakes 2. Power Rack and Pinion Steering (Randalls Rack) 2a. Tilt Steering column 3. Vintage air A/C 4. Wider tires on the back 5. Electronic Dizzy 6. Electric Fan Jim
  20. So, it will crank, but no spark? And when you're cranking you can put a jumper from the Positive post on the coil to the Positive post of the battery and it will then start and run? What happens when its running and you remove the jumper? It sounds like a starter solenoid or possibly some wires not connected right under the hood. Can you post pix's of the solenoid and how you have it wired? Also, have you ever had the car running?
  21. The 351w zbar is different than the 351c zbar, but could possibly work. See more info and pixs on this post http://www.1969stang.com/mustang/forum/showthread.php?t=7515&highlight=zbar I went with a Centerforce Dual friction clutch Kit DF700000. It works great on the street. No chatter and pedal pressure is easy too. Like
  22. The brakes are working great. I haven't needed to mess with them since I got her on the road 3 yrs ago. It took me some time to get used to the manual brakes. I converted the front to disc using '71 Mustang spindles and hardware. The reason I didn't go power is because my engine has only 10 lbs of vacuum. I think you need at least 12 lbs for power brakes. Good luck with your conversion. Go power disc if you can.
  23. TZ, The muffler shop had a tube flaring machine which they flared the exhaust pipe to fit around tip. I wasn't real happy they did it that way, but it worked. I doubt its hurting performance much. They tried to flare the tip, but the material was too thick. I'm thinking a 2" relief cut probably would have fixed that.
  24. Thanks! Its lowered 1" all the way around. She's got 4-1/2 Mid-eye Grab-A-track (175 lb/in spring rate) leaf springs, 1" lowering coil springs w/550#rate and KYB GR-2 gas shocks on all 4 corners. She rides really nice. The 255/60/15 on the back do rub a little bit if I hit a bump in the road. I should have rolled the wheel well lip.
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