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  1. The world is finally starting to appreciate the best car ever produced!
  2. Song's not that great but you get to see the car lots: In addition, the artist was just graced with the title of Chevalier de Arts et Metiers....I believe that's the equivalent of being Knighted in England within the realm of Arts....so he's well known over here...why care...lot's of exposure of the video and a nice '69!
  3. No worries, anything else I can do to convince you, let me know ;) As for the tires with the backwards letters, I believe they are available in Australia...I hear everything is backwards there, even their toilets flush in reverse :P
  4. Ok, curiousity got the best of me and I had some spare time on my hands. Don't know if anybody has tackled this yet, but I really wanted to know what Bnickels Couger would look all done up with what he has in mind, keeping the stock colors...I guess I'm kinda a purist when it comes to rare original color combo's...so here they are:
  5. I've seen info on those I think on the VMF. There was a company that did conversions out in California if I remember correctly. Oh that's right, here's a link that has more: http://www.ponysite.de/index.htm Click on: 'Stang Mutations Scroll down and check out the '69 with the opera window and sunroof....love to get that guy to post some pics on here.
  6. That NH car looks like a steal. I prefer the '69's but if that's a solid car I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up.
  7. Same birthday, how'd you work that one out Pak? You're not kidding double trouble...that's a proud brood you're starting there!
  8. Another Leo huh, I knew there was something I liked about you. That same thought is what lead me to my Tat, as well as my move over here...watch out, it's a dangerous thought. He's a link I used for inspiration for my lion:
  9. Hey Pak, Yes, you are right, very much to do with being a Leo. And the best that I can recommend as for as aging goes....keep it out of the sun (make sure to use sunblock if uncovered), put it somewhere you can hide it easily and somewhere on your body that's not going to get real droopy with age ;)
  10. Coming along nice. Is yellow the original color? How brite?
  11. That sounds cool. You should post some images of your ideas to get some more direct feedback. Here's mine, nothing really special but because of the meaning behind it I smile every time I look at it.
  12. Pak, you still considering a Tat, ever mock up any ideas? For what it's worth I was considering one in my early twenties. I played around with some ideas and eventually came up with a solid design. Then i put it away. Looked at it every now and again for a few years and pretty much always was happy with the idea. So after a few years I found a good tattoo artist who cleaned it up a bit and inked it. I've had it now for over 5 years and still can't imagine tiring of it. Of course it's also placed where it's only visible when I want it show, so never be a problem in the workplace. Advice, take your time with the decision and if you go ahead, like has already be said, find a good tattoo artist and take your time in do this to. Just my two cents.
  13. Love the trip stripes but with a Boss 429 scoop with might look a bit odd. I'm guessing the width is such that the base will be sitting on the two outer strips...otherwise, beautiful color.
  14. Is it me, or is that every time someone has a 69 painted, the painter fails to repaint the inner door the interior color? Or are people choosing to leave it the body color? It looks alright, but when I had my coupe painted, I told the shop to do everything like they were bringing the car back to original...of course, they put it back together again with out painting the inner doors the interior color...I was really annoyed....
  15. I'm new here...started scanning the projects before jumping in and introducing myself...loving the carbon bits on this project...anybody ever show interest in a carbon hood...personally I'd love to see one on a 69
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