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  1. UPDATE: More progress. I NOW have turn signals. Turns out relay I bought had some type of intermittent internal short. Weren't working pulled relay out while still plugged in and worked, put back in holder...quit. Swapped out for heavy duty flasher and now all work. Next on to radio power. Thank you to all that have helped so far.
  2. I'm a big fan of Eaton springs. I put new set of the 70 Boss springs (mentioned early in this thread) on about 6 months ago and they give the exact ride height they were supposed to on a 70 Boss. If that is still too high there are options for an inch lower as well. I'm very happy with outcome. My 2 cents.
  3. Update on electrical progress. After some work repairing 2 pins in firewall harness plug I got headlights last weekend. Today with help from a few people online, I now have all park and marker lights. Emergency flashers and brake lights work. Turn signals work when manually moving lever, but not on own. Swapped out relay...maybe got a bad one. Progress!
  4. I think I read it somewhere, yours or somebody's anyway. It sure makes it more difficult to figure out why not functioning. I don't want to just start throwing parts at it, but may happen. I know turn signal cam is not working so may start there and see if maybe something in turn signal switch. I will finish replacing all the marker bulbs first and make sure my temp fix at fuse box pin is more permanent with better connection. We'll see where that leads me next. Thank you Mach1 Driver.
  5. Thank you very much Grabber70Mach. At least headlights working. The nightmare has begun on park/marker/turn signals, but we will figure that out too.
  6. I'm assuming this is gone, as it's an old post. But do you still have the carpet? Is it full floor and black? And what do you want for it? Thank you.
  7. Update on electrical progress: I pulled the firewall plug and got my bearings correct of the pins this time. I pushed/pulled the burnt pin further out of plug and cleaned up. Found that wire pulled out of plug was for park/marker lights and got it back where belongs. Electric lubed all pins and put back together. I now have high/low beam lights. Hurray! Still no turn signals and only right front drive/marker lights. That will be next. Have harness coming soon to try that route. Progress!
  8. I'm not too proud to do something like that. Think have good lead on factory (good) wire harness. Just will keep plugging forward. If spring comes and still struggling, will relook at attack.
  9. Thank you Danno. I am pretty lucky. I just couldn't pass this coupe up. Very solid, original paint (so nothing hidden there), and pretty rare coupe with factory 351w, FMX, and 9 inch rear end. Also engine full rebuild with <500 miles on it. It was the right car for the right price to be my old school driver/project. Electrical is kicking my butt...for now. We'll figure it out. Ron
  10. 08 GT500 that I've KR cloned. 12k miles, FP TVS swapped, FR twin 65 TB, 3:73 gears. My rocket ship.
  11. Thank you. The Boss is my dream, but I'm excited to get this coupe back on the road after a lot of years.
  12. I live in Ogden, UT area. I'm a mustang guy...this coupe make 4 I currently own. The coupe is to have a 70 driver, my pride and joy is a pristine 70 BOSS 302. Here are my 70s. Thank you for the welcome.
  13. Thank you Midlife. I'm not in hurry to take entire harness out of car, but when I get there I will reach your way.
  14. Great service. Do they fix fuse box missing female connector as well? Thank you Mach1 driver.
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