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  1. Quick update, the car is still in the body/paint shop, progress a little slow, but some decent progress finally being made now. Panels all lined up and the doors had a lot of work on them to retain the original skins.
  2. Hopefully you’ll allow this post, I’m still working on the 69 restmod, but I’ve now bought a 68 fastback into the U.K. as my next resto project \! its been modified and looks like it’s got some form of mustang 2 front end. I haven’t decided what to do with them car yet, considering going modular engine, but before I start major surgery, I’d be interested to know if anyone here can identify what I have. I’d also be interested to see what your opinion of its is eg could I reuse it for say a hiigh powered 427, what are its limitations etc.- BTW the shock towers have been cut our, so intention of going back to them. cheers chris
  3. Thanks I’ll take a look at that
  4. Well under that intake was a bit of a mess, glad I decided to strip it down ned to think about what I do with bottom end, keep as is or stroke ?
  5. They look great, be interested to know how well they fit, any mods etc needed
  6. Whilst the body is away, I’ve just started to have a look at the engine. I know it’s a ‘69 302, from engine tag, but other than that no knowledge or history. never rebuilt a V8 before, so time to learn. Any tips you guys can give would be appreciated, thinking of going for some Aluminium heads to wake the engine up. Might go stroked as well. any tips/fed back on what works best, parts etc would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks for your feedback to date and some great comments, keep them coming. off to see the car at the paint shop tomorrow, only been there a week so still time to get some more opinions chris
  8. Love that stance and great colour
  9. I’ve just watched these 2 episodes, have to say I really enjoyed them
  10. My ‘69 fastback restomod had just gone to body/paint shop and I’m really torn on the colour, so I need your help The car is a plain Jane ‘69 fastback that was originally winter blue, which I don’t really dig. i live in the U.K. so we don’t get to use our cars all of the year, mainly spring and summer. it will have the B429 hood scoop and be lowered circa 1.5inches. I tend to use my cars and sell on in 2/3 yrs, so need to be mindful of a potential sale down the road, so nothing too radical I’m leaning towards: Blaxk with silver Mach 1 type hood black out Grey ala Jon Wick `(resale perspective) Blue- later sonic or Acapulco Your thoughts and suggestions would be welcome. thanks chris
  11. I was being optimistic to be fair, but I have aligned most of the panels and striped a few down to bare metal. Major jobs are the Door skin to change, hood front to sort (minor dents) and the repro fender to sort out. my guy is pretty fast and he has capacity now, so that’s why it’s gone a little earlier then I expected it he re-painted my Mach 1 about 12 months ago so I know his work. Just need to decide on paint colour, I’m really torn on colour, Wish me luck Chris
  12. Spot on yes it’s a steel prefab with insulated panels
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