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  1. I've no idea. But a search for any 2017 Mustang seat fit would tell you. I'm pretty sure I've seen a post somewhere on a Mustang forum where the stock seat was installed.
  2. If you don't need the valve covers for roller rocker clearance, I'd use some stock ones.
  3. Slow down a bit there Billy. How about an introduction, where ya from, (where abouts down under, plenty of members from Oz) and especially pics of her Mustang! Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  4. And a big welcome to the forum John!
  5. Certainly not tmi, at least for us older guys. I've got a couple of coffee/ lunch groups of retired coppers. Back in the day we used to talk about girls and catching bad guys. Now we talk about medical issues and grandkids. Get well brother.
  6. I'm pretty sure someone here has the Dakota Digital setup.
  7. Welcome back Cos. Ya got the right color Shelby.
  8. Bienvenue sur le forum Chris. Ma grand-mère est née à Paris, et mon grand-père est né à Gap.
  9. Dude, go buy a lotto ticket. And I want those valve covers! You know they're meant to be on that E code 312.
  10. A lot of folks like the fit and price of the V6 Contour dual electric fan. I'm thinking of getting one to replace my Summit fan before it fails.
  11. A buddy of mine used one from a late model F-150 with good results.
  12. RPM

    New to this forum

    Welcome Steffan, and ditto, beautiful Mustang.
  13. Hmm... this is what I get.
  14. Kudos Morgan! That's quite an accomplishment, and a great feeling eh? Sooo... where's the picture of the smokey burnout? :)
  15. De nada. Don't know the size hole y'all need, mine is for the hydraulic clutch master cylinder
  16. There's a dimple in the red circle in the first pic.
  17. Hot damn. Just a bit of cool car envy going on.
  18. And down the rabbit hole you go Ed. I have a stand alone blue tooth deck in my 69 and love it. Talking on the phone, using Google maps, and playing my music playlists is a breeze.
  19. In addition to the above ideas, a rebuilt steering box from Dan and Carol at http://chockostangclassicmustang.com/ will help mucho.
  20. Nice work Kris. I love that green
  21. Give Paul at Mustang MD a call at 818-367-0055.
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