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  1. Give Paul at Mustang MD a call at 818-367-0055.
  2. Ed, that's called begin an enabler.
  3. That Mustang is cherry! (70's word for beautiful) Who did you buy your stripes from?
  4. A lot depends on which tooth flywheel you have.
  5. Right. Was a bit embarrassed when I gave blood yesterday. Had to switch to my right hand to get pricked. Made this shaker bracket before the pick, and the other stuff this past week or so. Above pic, I hadda crawl under the dash. And also changed the timing chain cover.
  6. I've been trying to diagnose an erratic voltage gauge for a few weeks that would fluctuate between 9 and ~14v. When I had the battery and alternator checked they passed with flying colors. So I bought a new gauge, and experienced the same issues. Figured it had to be electrical, and probably a bad ground so I checked and found they were good. I also checked the 12v source to the gauge as far as I could. At 65 with a bad neck, back, eyes, and certainly attitude I was ready to give up. Then I membered I had Randy's number and maybe ought to call him. After a couple of questions he nailed it. Since I looove to crawl under the dash, I had reached under the dash to snap a pic of the fuse box, but didn't look closely at the pic. While troubleshooting with Randy he mentioned the accessory post on the fuse box. I looked at the pic, oops...a loose terminal on the stud. Erectricity 101. Thanks MidLife.
  7. I'm not MII literate, but it looks oem to me. I not aware of any MII aftermarket kits that use stamped metal crossmembers like you have. If you're planning on using the front suspension I'd address the holes where the upper control arms mount. Those holes should be oval so the bolts are captive, and not open where the bolts could slide out if then come loose.
  8. Wilwood usually has excellent drawings with measurements on their site. Adding to the sticker shock of that kit, it doesn't include brackets as it's intended to upgrade a 94-04 Mustang.
  9. Damn, forgot you were on Pacific time now. You still work, Terry is retired, was trying to give you a break. That's my story, and in sticking to it
  10. I'm sure Mach 1 Driver, one of our electrical gurus will chime in when he awakens tomorrow, as he's on eastern time.
  11. I picked up one on Ebay years ago. Member @Stills might have something available soon.
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