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  1. I'm amazed at the number of engineers who are into classic Mustangs. Impressive.
  2. Did not the guy who balanced your motor have the flex plate when he did the balancing? I've never heard of your issue.
  3. Pretty sure you gotta modify your carb, or get one meant for E85. EFI cars can run it. The Shell at White Ln & Gosford has E85.
  4. Not sure if I'd call that a rookie mistake. Why color code wires if they're not consistent?
  5. I'm corn fused with what I'm looking at. Will you take some farther back pics so I can get a better idea of the problem. Here are a couple of pics of my outer dash lower mounts. Not sure if this helps.
  6. I feel your pain Randy. Of all the things I should remember, why do I remember the things that will do me absolutely no good.
  7. They're denying and pondering the cause of the forum being down.
  8. $25 to return a wheel is nothing by the time your 69 is drivable.
  9. Because the measurements on these cars vary wildly from car to car, that's something you should wait to do until your suspension, hood and fenders are installed. Unless you get custom offset wheels, I'd think you'll be using wheel adapters. Plan on rolling your fenders lips. This is a 17x9 Halibrand with around 1-1/8" spacer, and 275/40 tire.
  10. Ya, like this forum, is got a bunch of friendly knowledgeable guys. I think I found it ~8 years ago when I was searching for brake info.
  11. The wiser guys on Mustangsteve.com use an OEM nos switch they find on ebay. Expensive, but worth it they say.
  12. Go ahead Randy, I kinda like hearing from all y'all.
  13. I did this to my Mustang... Because of this...
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