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  1. She’s going back to shop soon for LED headlights, alignment, & see if the seats out of my Viper ACR E fit. I put racing seats in the Viper. Also three is the issue of smoking in slow traffic we need to fix. I love driving it & people love this car.
  2. the SHAGUAR is a 1967 type 1. I had to have the covered headlights. She’s really tiny. You feel like a mongoose in a herd of elephants between SUVs but she’s fast & very agile so I can slalom the elephants. Only mod I did was add Bluetooth. I had the electronics updated and she’s as reliable as a Toyota, amazing.
  3. I love the Caddy, great cruiser but it’s terrifying over 70 mph. Cruising at night is just magical. I added disc brakes, seat belts, AC, Bluetooth, cupholder, & LED headlights. We named her Flo after the owner of Flo’s V8 Cafe in CARS movie.
  4. I have a little thin smoke from under my car. I only notice it when I’m in slow traffic. Is a little smoke normal for a 1969 car ? My 67 Jaguar E type & my 1960 Caddy Eldorado roadster don’t smoke.
  5. LOL, I put modern MICHELINs on it so tires are good.
  6. Wondering if the long HURST shifter was stock on the 69 Shelby GT350. It’s so tall it interferes w my hand on the wheel sometime. I’d like a shifter about 3” shorter. Any clue ? Thanks
  7. Gorgeous car, good work
  8. I’ll check the tie rods. Hard to find good mechanics in Miami
  9. Next thing I’m doing is swapping the 52 yr old seats. Putting racing seats in my 16 Viper ACR E & see if those seats fit in the GT350. If they fit I’ll have them reupholstered in white w Grabber blue stitching. Will be a lot better for the racing harnesses I wrapped around the stock Shelby roll bar.
  10. Thanks, I forgot to say I added EIBACH springs in front cus she was riding way too high. Also added fat sway bars, replica Halibrands, modern MICHELINs & BAER brakes in front. I’ll swap the idler arm & add positive camber
  11. My steering was really bad, worse than my 60 Cadillac. She would wander all over, I had a quick ratio steering box installed and it cut down the wander a lot but she still wanders. I need more seat time to figure it out what makes her wander. She pulls to right on acceleration but has stayed straight on braking. She can sometimes almost change lanes when she feels like it which is a bit scary. So how did you fix the wander ? Thanks
  12. Finally got my voltage regulator I’ve been waiting for since last year. I got racing seats for my 2016 Viper ACR E so I might reupholster those seats in white w grabber blue stitching & install in the GT350. Shelby worked on the Mustang & Viper so it’s not a big stretch.
  13. What if it’s a modern aftermarket AC ? where do I find one ? Thanks. This is my dead one.
  14. I’ve been waiting for this part since last year. I’m getting pissed at the shop. I’m going to find the part on my own. Is there one for engine and another for dash ? Is the Shelby part any different ? Thanks
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