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  1. Racing at Laguna Seca at Pre HISTORICS Aug 7&8 and 12-15 at Monterey HISTORICS. CORVETTE is featured marque. I’ve always wanted to race this one and w CORVETTE as featured marque just makes it better. They made me change my livery to VISIT FLORIDA but I love FL so we’re good
  2. New seats arrived. Sending them to upholsterer to be wrapped in white leather w grabber blue stitching. I’ll finally be able to properly use the race harnesses.
  3. Keeping mine near stock. I added EIBACH springs & shocks from & rear and cut the springs w a saw to lower car. Handles like a modern car. Also added Halibrand wheels & modern MICHELINs wheels & BAER big brakes
  4. Brakes fixed, don’t pull anymore. Steering aligned. New seats ordered. Waiting on kit to stop T5 trans from leaking on the flatbed.
  5. Up the esses, it’s a rush IMG_3287.MOV
  6. Back straight going into braking zone IMG_3289.MOV
  7. Had a blast racing at the Glen. There was a Ford GT in our group but he was very slow. There was a 1st Gen Mustang racing there too, not a Shelby. IMG_3304.MOV
  8. New LED headlights. How ppl saw anything in 1969 is beyond me.
  9. Did a little editing. I like this better. Need to add headers & straight pipes. This is at Homestead Speedway near Miami, FL IMG_3283.MP4
  10. I’ll be racing my Corvette Daytona Prototype but there will be lots of Shelbys, GT40s, Mustangs too.
  11. Above 70mph she’s terrifying. Lots of steering wander but she’s a fantastic low speed cruiser.
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