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  1. So my car came with the convenience group...however I do not think it came with the automatic seat back latching mechanism because it is a convertible. Anyone know if this is true or did convertibles with the convenience group come with this option? Thanks
  2. What about the radio (looking for AM/FM option). Thanks.
  3. Well...the noise has gone away for the most part. Guess it needed to break in a bit. So happy :)
  4. I looked at the concoursmustang.com forum and asked about my engine. In short, I got mutilated on the condition of the engine...decided I should just be happy with the driver that I have and forget restoring the engine concours style...don't have the time or the money. However I did check deadnutson.com and have already bought some parts and created a list of parts that I want. Also there is one part that I just got extremely lucky with...a NOS charcoal canister to air cleaner evap hose...the cardboard/paper kind...not the aluminum hose I have on now. looking forward to getting it. Will only use it at shows
  5. Spent 6 hours re-painting my center console. Also sprayed my oil breather cap flat black (think I need to re-do it at I believe the correct color for the cap should be gloss black...but I am unsure). I also have several parts on the way from deadnutson (breather hose, NOS breather grommet, and convertible top zipper pull). Did a lot of research last night and created a list of what parts I need to get the engine how I want it to look. I will post pics of the console tomorrow...got a wicked sunburn today while working on the console...so I am pretty tiered. Edit: Here are the pictures. Just for peoples information...this car has a standard interior...so it did not come with a console originally. However, I got lucky a while back and found this at a swap meet for pretty cheap...so I could not pass it up :)
  6. Hi everyone, So I had to overhaul my power steering system. The pump, hoses, slave cylinder, and control valve are all new. However, there is now a whining noise coming from either the pump or the control valve when the car runs and it seems to stop when it is turning. It is most noticeable at startup and while idling. And before anyone says it...I did bleed the system and have been driving the car quite a bit to ensure the system is bled. Is this normal...I know before everything was replaced the car did not make this noise at all. My mechanic says this is now normal because I am actually getting pressure in the system...but I am not so sure. Any ideas?
  7. Thank you so much for the info...this will help me a lot.
  8. Ok a couple of questions for everyone... So I am looking more closely at my "before" and "after" pictures and I have noticed a couple of things: that the vacuum advance on the original distributor is a dual diaphragm, but the second hose to the advance is not connected. 1. Does this mean I could get away with running a single diaphragm distributor? 2. Did this model year come with the "yellow top" ignition coil? 3. Did these engines normally come with the longer snorkel / vacuum operated temperature door or the shorter thermostatic kind? Here is a picture of the engine that I took this morning so you can see its current state (the ones I provided were before the restoration and one from when it was in "really good shape" Thank you
  9. Im in Southern Cailfornia...Westlake Village area. You?
  10. Noted...I know if this was one of the 196 with the 428 cobra-jet engines this would be a completely different story (and trust me it would have been a very different restoration). That being said, I just want to keep the engine looking good and give people a nice example of a number's matching engine that they can work off of for their projects. One of the things I know is that a popular upgrade was to put on the 351 heads. I don't know if painting under hood components is "an easy task" since I think I might have to pull the engine to do this properly. Is it complicated to pull the engine? Do you think it is possible to do an engine re-spray in the car?
  11. Ok...the car is a driver and it used to participate in some local shows. Here is the Delux Marti Report for the car as well as the Personalized Stats. I mean to me the car is special because there are a lot of memories associated with it (including learning to drive in it), but as for rarity, I am not entierly sure...but I think it might have been a little rare paint and interior combination. MARTI REPORT.pdf Personalized Stats.pdf
  12. Hello everyone, I am new to the forums (just joined) and could use a little help. I have a 1970 convertible with a number's matching engine. Very short history of the car - the car was bought in 1970 from Cort Fox Ford in Hollywood California on January 18, 1970 by the original owner. Apparently the owner got into a minor fender bender and was forced to sell the car and did so in 1971 that to none other than my mother. In 1983 she re-painted the car to a paisley yellow color, redid-the interior to tan, and had the engine rebuilt at 135k miles. Fast-forward to 2009 where I took over the car and re-painted it red (ok big mistake since the original color was Medium Bright Blue Poly, but at least the job was done properly and we took the car all the way down to the metal and fixed it up). At this time we also added reproduction Magnum 500 wheels to the car (second big mistake as we did not keep the original steel wheels...my mom already had gotten rid of the Argent Styled hub caps that came with the car). So I don't want to screw up the engine bay and I would like to have people's opinions of what I should do...here is a picture of the engine before I worked on it (when the car was still yellow) and one from a couple of years ago (after I did a little work with it). Some things have changed since then and here are the faults that I know of: 1. Radiator was replaced with a 3-core aluminum radiator, thankful I still have the original and will re-core it to a 3 core at some point in time and get the correct radiator cap 2. Battery died...have a generic battery, but might buy another one of these reproduction AGM batteries 3. Fender bolts are wrong...I still have the originals and will put those back when I get a chance 4. Intake manifold is two colors - I will re-paint on the car 5. Power steering pump is wrong color (and possibly wrong dipstick handle)- entire assembly was just replaced as that pump went bad...it is now black (and works so much better, but mechanic saved my original per my request) 6. Oil dipstick has been painted ford blue 7. Missing j-clip for oil and temp sending wires on valve cover - also have zip-tie on back wires going to dashboard 8. Vacuum port switch incorrect 9. Distributor housing incorrect (I just bought an original correct date-coded Autolite housing...will transfer/rebuild distributor when I get a chance...though I don't look forward to it). So I guess the question is should I attempt to continue a concourse engine restoration (definitely not doing a re-spray on the car...in too deep to do that) or should I just leave it alone? And if I should keep going, what other corrections do I need to make? Thanks and I look forward to reading your comments.
  13. Possibly...could also be the control valve...have you noticed any leaking? I am going through something similar...basically rebuilding the whole power steering setup (bad control valve and the new one I bought from NPD also turned out defective).
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