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  1. Wow it looks great. What a nice guy you are for doing this for your brother!
  2. My valve is bad. I wish I would have rebuilt it when I had it off. I have decide that I am going with a wilwood adjustable proportioning valve.
  3. Well I have a Hurst Shifter to install but wondering if I mount the base of the console can I install the shifter and boot without having to take the console out again? Looking at your picture that looks like it is possible.
  4. Well I have to do mine. It's one of the next things on the list. So I will remember to go back 1.5". Look great.
  5. Well as soon as I get it back on the road the first thing I am going to do besides a Smokey burnout is let my wife Justyna drive it! She deserves it and nothing will give me more joy that to see her behind the wheel.
  6. The V-band on the drivers side pipe is done so I don't have to remove that side at the exhaust manifold. Keep in mind that with a top loader you have to snake the exhaust around the shift linkage and the clutch linkage. the way its set up now I can remove the whole exhaust in 10 minutes. Eventually I will move to long tube headers and install clamps at the header collectors and maybe add electric cut outs while I am at it.
  7. Restored lower front fascia and installed the front license place bracket.
  8. Assembly of brackets, hood latch and hood pins. Radiator, fan shroud and other parts. Went trough and retapped the wires using the proper cloth tape.
  9. We finished up around five in the afternoon. I went with the Dyno Max Super Turbo mufflers. V band clamps and a X kit from Summit Racing and well as a complete kit from National Parts Depot. I have the turbo mufflers from the kit that I am planning to sell. I still need to weld on the chrome tips and make some minor adjustments. Then I can fire it up.
  10. The section from the front to the mufflers took about 6 hours on Sunday and I woke up that morning with severe shoulder pain but was determined to get it finished. Half way through the day my wife had to jump in as welders helper and cover for me.
  11. Once we got the tailpipes mounted where they should go along with mufflers we could take our measurements. We still had to modify the pipes I had the muffler shop bend up. Then we worked on installing the X cross over section.
  12. This past weekend we tackled the exhaust system. I had my friend who works as a welder come up and give me a hand. Gary is working on big projects like tunnels and contracts with Disney. This is the first exhaust he has done. foot note; I am running the stick exhaust on the 390 currently but will upgrade to long tube headers in the future when I can afford it. A few weeks ago I took the pipes coming off the manifold and had a shop bend the 2.5 pipe similar to what I had on the car near the transmission. I still had to massage it. So the length was about 24" long. When Gary arrived we started at the back of the car to line up the muffles with the original brackets. I still had to fabricate a intermediate piece to attach the mufflers to the brackets.
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