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  1. I don't believe your Hurst shifter is stock. mines came with a Ford shifter. If you don't like the height of your shifter, you can cut the shift stick below the rubber boot and reweld to your preferred height. You can also position shifter toward right, away from the steering wheel. Post a picture, like to see how high is your shifter.
  2. Just curious Dmck, how much oil do you catch with the oil catch can in a given period, or mileage ?.
  3. If I may put my two cents in, Mount the toploader and shifter in the car first, you will have a good idea where the shifter location in relation to you sitting position. If the shift lever need to be straight, or bend back. Last solution, if you cannot find a shift lever bend backward is to custom make one from a straight lever. Cut half way through just above the two mounting hole, jam the lever in a solid place and bend back the lever till desire angle achieved, try it on the shifter before weld the gap. A shifter boot should cover the welded spot. Summit have one bent backward, don't know the hole pattern will fit Super Shifter. Hurst Shifters 5388550 Hurst Competition Plus Flat Shifter Sticks | Summit Racing
  4. If you got two pins, just remove the other one and see the washer and nut size.
  5. Check your rear shock absorber, sound like worn out rubber mount.
  6. If you thinking of DIY, here is a link to self alignment tools, or you could build your self with a welder and square, or round pipe.( Hagerty Media ) Taking another shot at do-it-yourself alignment (msn.com)
  7. Good example of optical illusion, my eyes say it's offset also.
  8. If you interested. found an old set of exhaust manifold in the corner of garage, came off of 69 GT-350. Removed back around mid 70's replaced with header. Will let go for $200 for the pair plus exact shipping cost. PM me if interested. P.S. you might have to re-do the pipe, because this might not fit your existing setup.
  9. Welcome Sal to 69stang When testing starter solenoid, its a good idea to disconnect the positive wire to the ignition coil, so the motor will only crank, and not start.
  10. Check this from CJ Pony, and read the reviews. https://www.cjponyparts.com/scott-drake-contour-coil-springs-1-drop-mustang-1967-1973/p/CSC6773/
  11. Very nice BlueCoupe, I think you should sell for $10 each include first class shipping, since you got 5 extra. Maybe you need to print more?
  12. Aslanefe is right, just adjust the UCA, and LCA till you get108" wheelbase. The front left wheel probably sustained damage from a side impact, caused the twist on the tower. Post picture after fix.
  13. Your passenger side measurement is on the dot. Ford spec for 1969 Mustang is 108 inch. Could you take pictures from underside looking up, I like to see the strut adjusting nuts positions reference to the thread. Both side passenger, and driver side for comparison.
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