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  1. Anyone have experience with an independent rear suspension on their 69?
  2. Has anyone moved the radiator in front of the support rather than behind it?
  3. I thought I remembered seeing a thread with a complete floor pan replacement. I am going to get the one from NPD in a couple months and want to wrap my mind around what it's gonna take. I think i remember seeing the car on jack stands. Does anyone know what im talking about?
  4. Looks good. I'm with jay on the improvement thing. Once you start improving things its very difficult to stop.
  5. Has anyone done this on their 69? What parts did you use etc.
  6. Agreed. Remove spring. Get an angle grinder with a flap disc or wire brush and remove the surface rust to see the extent of the rust. Id cut out the old stuff and weld in some new steel.
  7. Id want a booster with a big horsepower application- no doubt. My car has manual brakes now- which is fine for around town- but I wouldn't want my wife to drive the car and have to worry that there could ever be an issue stopping in time.
  8. Cool project. Looking forward to seeing you build it. Here's mine that I affectionately refer to as "The gray Turd"
  9. Beautiful car. Nice to know that a 10" wheel fits fine.
  10. wow awesome. would you please post some pics?? thanks
  11. Has anyone ever installed the radiator on the front of the core support? I am going to go with a custom size when the project is at that point- but i was wondering if anyone has done it. Might free up some space in the engine bay is why im asking. Planning on going with electric fans too with a home made aluminum shroud.
  12. Man that gap is totally unacceptable.
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