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  1. Don’t mean to high jack your post. I have a 1 wire alternator. Where can I get 12v for the choke? Thanks for the help
  2. They are body shims. Used to align body parts. Fenders mostly
  3. Thank You I’ll get one for a C4 or a Windsor
  4. Does anyone have a part # for the engine plate for a C5 transmission? Or will the engine plate from a C6 work?
  5. That’s what I was thinking. Just wanted a other opinion. Thanks
  6. What will happen if you run a 50oz externally balanced flywheel instead of a 28oz one ?
  7. What drill bits do you think are the best? I’ll be drill mild steel with a hand drill. I don’t have a drill press.
  8. Thank you. I saw that a few weeks back. When looked for it again I couldn’t find it. Thanks again for the help
  9. I’m getting ready to put a new alternator on the stang. What gauge wire is everyone running? The wire will be less 2 ft. I will probably run the wire to the starter solenoid.
  10. Thanks for the help. This is my wife’s car. She won’t drive it right now because it doesn’t stop real well . What master cylinder do you recommend? Or should I just go with a power set up? I was looking at the wilwood 7/8 bore. What do you think . The car isn’t a hot rod just a cruiser.
  11. The car is stock with a little engine mods Intake & card, headers& & a small cam. I wanting to put will wilwood brakes on all 4 corners. I’m looking at ether the 11.30in rotors or the 12.19in for the front. How much difference is there between the to? 4 piston calipers front. The rear you can get a 2 piston caliper & a 12.19In rotor. I can get a 11.00in 4 piston for the back to. You do most of the stopping with the front. Drilled & slotted are the cool factor put down I really need them. It’s about $200.00 more for the drilled & slotted rotors front & rear.
  12. What tilt column Is everyone using? I have a borgeson power steering on the car if that makes a difference. I have need searching there’s a lot out there. I have been looking at Ididit columns. I want a column I can paint & hopefully one that is plug & play. I’m not the best at wiring. Thanks for the help
  13. They are 4 bolt spindles. So drum. Thanks again for all the help
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