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  1. I saw that too He said it's only going to be minimal increases but how much more?
  2. I don't care much for originality, I'm looking at some crossflow radiators from griffin. These have dual row of 1.25" tubes and cost half of the direct fit replacement griffin. Why? Isn't 1.25 tubes why griffin rads are preferred?
  3. I saw others but they aren't neutral balanced. What do you think of getting one of those and removing the weight and welds carefully. Do you think it will work? People have good luck with aod transmissions with this one but it's not neutral. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/pma-pa26467/make/ford#overview it has a 2.5mm thick center plate. The other I was looking at also has a 2.5mm center but people were complaining about it cracking. the one I ordered has a 4mm I think. That might be a bad thing since I need all the space I can get but I'll just have to find out
  4. I ordered the PAX30210 from summit racing. It's not in stock until October but I have plenty to keep me busy for now. I didn't order it from somewhere else because I love summit's return policy. So if it doesn't fit I'm good
  5. I'm glad I saw this thread. I just ordered the tail lights, reverse lights and front daytime lights with gaskets and flashers and it was only $60 more than the Dakota digital tail lights after shipping and tax. I'll cancel my Dakota lights in the morning. It's morning now but I doubt summit is open at 1am pst I really like the led hot spots being hard to see and the option to use the sequential on the brake lights.
  6. Anyone here have any experience with that starter?
  7. I just want to get whatever will work and won't give me fitment issues and not push my converter to far in and destroy my trans. Should a flexplate from that mustang work? Do you think it can cause any other issues? Would the converter I have change what flexplate I need? To be honest, if I didn't already have a 4r70w and new fpa headers for it I would just go with a manual trans to avoid this headache and just teach my family on how to drive a manual trans. My wife told me to stop stressing and just get a manual trans and that she doesn't have to drive it. Then I told her that a new trans will be 5k+ for everything. She stood quite ha ha ha
  8. I dug it out and I did another bone head move some time ago. I must have tossed away the flexplate. I'm sure it's because it wasn't a neutral balanced flexplate and that's what I need. It does have a 10" ptc aode converter though. I need to call ptc and find out what I can. Maybe they can suggest a flexplate
  9. Yeah Shaun is a super nice guy to talk too. One reason why I chose his stuff is because you can just call him and tell him what you plan to do and he'll build a list for you.... Then take your money ha ha ha. Pricey for sure but all I ever see about his stuff is great reviews.
  10. No, I just had the bare block and took that over to the guys at JGM. They ordered the rotating assembly and I took them the cam. They just built the shortblock. While searching for this online recently I saw someone say the trans is what determines the flywheel besides the weight requirement..... I keep seeing different answers and that's what confuses me.
  11. My trans is buried in my garage now but later when it could down I'll dig it out and look up the flywheel it has again. on a different topic, I never put stickers on my cars. Period. I have a window sticker that has a wrench and it says built not bought. That will probably end up on one of my windows when I'm done. At least for a short while ha ha ha
  12. Well I feel stupid x2 Thanks for pointing that out guys. The other reason I feel dumb is because I started to look at the instructions for my SOT coilovers and it says I need to drill through the bottom plate to get the export brace to line up Thanks for clearing that up for me guys.
  13. I understand what your saying but the lower plates don't line up at all with the export brace. It looks as they just spot welded them on without lining up the holes from the shock towers and plates as long as the shock mounting hats lined up with the shock. The engine is not in the car yet.
  14. I bought a scott drake export brace for my 69 and I've seen some stories of people having to use screw drivers to align the holes but my shock tower holes are no where near where I need them. These bottom plates need to be re drilled or removed and repositioned. Is that a common problem? The export brace kinda lines up wit the holes on the shock towers but it's the bottom plates causing the problem. My mustang has been hit on the passenger side front end but the driver side has the same issue so it can't be that.
  15. So by cutting the weights off they become neutral/0? I thought those also would balance the flywheel like how tires use weights to fix any fitment issues The flywheel that was on my c4 trans (I-6 250 original engine) has no weights. It's neutral balance?
  16. When I first got the press I was having a little fun with my younger son by crushing some little stuff like a water bottle plastic cap, a folded up shoelace and a small screw I think. I asked something about the press on the garage journal site and I posted how my son and i were having some fun with it and big mistake. Those people don't have a sense of humor and were practically throwing stones for saying that... That's not a toy, you can get seriously hurt and so on. Very helpful site but damn...
  17. I'm seeing I need a 164 tooth version. The pioneer fra-205 should work BUT it's not neutral balanced. Crappers
  18. The converter I have now came with my trans and was used with it. It even came with a flexplate but I think it's 28oz so I can't use it since I need a neutral weighted one. Once I find a flexplate I'll try assembling it and check for move like you said. Thank you
  19. My engine is 0 balance so I'll look for one. I just read a post of a guy that ran one that looked fine but the flexplate was too thick or something and it was pushing against the torque converter then ruined his trans.... I need to look into that to make sure I don't do the same
  20. How is this figured out? I'm trying to figure out what flexplate I need but I don't know if I need the 157 or 164. I have a 4r70w for my 351w stroker and it needs to be neutral balanced. I've seen recommendations for a 157 and some for a 164 flexplate.......Thanks guys.
  21. I feel you pain guys, I'm about to turn 38......
  22. Yup, after I decided on normal 10:something compression I ordered the carb. That's the one my friends go to. I see it when I drive home from my job all the time. This village is lacking more e85 stations and charging stations Bob
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