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  1. Thanks for posting that picture. I'll start measuring. I'm a little worried since it had that accident a long time ago but it looks like the frame rails were left untouched. I've been thinking what's the point of my fancy suspension if the body isn't straight..... If it is good already, I planned to tack weld some square tubing in a X pattern on the lower frame rails and something across on top. Just to keep everything still. I need to get started before this damn heat gets worse today.
  2. Well it's kinda disappointing they didn't make me get one. I don't have the best memory but if they would have told me they needed it I would have gotten it for sure. I paid the premium for a premium builder. I'm sure they assembled it good but I just wish they would have made me get it then. I wish I could remember what happened then. All I can do now is just wait for this one to arrive in a few days. I completely forgot to look for a replacement plate that goes between the engine and trans. I have the one from my c4 and 250 but I doubt that one fits my 4r70w. Ha ha ha something else to research
  3. Mine are all beat to hell and instead of trying to fix them (I doubt I can) I'm just going to replace them. I just ordered them from CJ and I chose the better ones they carry. I don't understand why they sell cheap versions over almost everything and then a good more expensive version of the same part. Well, my question is can I start to remove the radiator support now along with the inner fender that the battery tray is on now and just get the area ready and wait for the parts to come or should I wait for the parts to have minimal time without those things holding the front end together? My mustang had a decent accident by the looks of it and whoever fixed it did a sloppy job and welded a lot of the radiator support and that battery apron together. So instead of some spot welds holding them together they are welded along the seam a lot of the way. It's going to be a PITA in other words and take a good long time. That battery apron has a good amount of rust as you can see in the picture and instead of cutting out and repairing I believe it will be much faster and end up with much better results by just replacing it
  4. 500 shipped Also have the 69 mustang disc spindles for sale
  5. Now you tell me! Ha ha ha I sold it 2 hours before you posted that message on Friday. I forgot to check back because Friday was my wife's birthday and she had a actual list of things she wanted me to finish/do ha ha ha Hey Bob, you said you have a press right? Jk buddy haha
  6. I'll check that when I receive the flexplate. Thanks Bob
  7. So I dropped off the bare block and they ordered the rotating assembly that worked for the 9.48 block and it ended up being neutral balance. I can't remember for sure but they probably asked if I wanted neutral. I had the (and still have) I'll choose whatever is better way to choose things. The bad thing i learned about that is it requires deeper pockets! What were they supposed to do for me? I'm a bit lost on that. On a different subject, the flexplate I ordered will be here in the 5th! I guess they had one in stock. I really didn't want to wait till October
  8. I saw that too He said it's only going to be minimal increases but how much more?
  9. I don't care much for originality, I'm looking at some crossflow radiators from griffin. These have dual row of 1.25" tubes and cost half of the direct fit replacement griffin. Why? Isn't 1.25 tubes why griffin rads are preferred?
  10. I saw others but they aren't neutral balanced. What do you think of getting one of those and removing the weight and welds carefully. Do you think it will work? People have good luck with aod transmissions with this one but it's not neutral. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/pma-pa26467/make/ford#overview it has a 2.5mm thick center plate. The other I was looking at also has a 2.5mm center but people were complaining about it cracking. the one I ordered has a 4mm I think. That might be a bad thing since I need all the space I can get but I'll just have to find out
  11. I ordered the PAX30210 from summit racing. It's not in stock until October but I have plenty to keep me busy for now. I didn't order it from somewhere else because I love summit's return policy. So if it doesn't fit I'm good
  12. I'm glad I saw this thread. I just ordered the tail lights, reverse lights and front daytime lights with gaskets and flashers and it was only $60 more than the Dakota digital tail lights after shipping and tax. I'll cancel my Dakota lights in the morning. It's morning now but I doubt summit is open at 1am pst I really like the led hot spots being hard to see and the option to use the sequential on the brake lights.
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