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  1. As said above using the GPS. Plenty of cheap Speedo Apps for your phone that work vey well. As a rule of thumb I found each tooth equates to about 5% change.
  2. I haven't got enough room for the motors, let alone boats
  3. They'd restore real nice. These are some of mine
  4. Sorry, I should say it in American.....Headers
  5. It's been an odd Summer down here in Oz. Very wet so I haven't done a lot of driving in the Mustang. Have some extractors for my Birthday next month That I'm looking forward to fitting. I doubt they will fit without modification due to the Right Hand Drive steering rack but that's part of the fun. The down time has given me an opportunity for a couple of my other passions, restoring antique outboards and catching snakes. A very productive few months
  6. Why would China be interested in a measly $3.7M to develop a virus for the US? Makes no sense. Personally I believe the virus was manufactured by the Chinese. When a dozen people in Woohan got the flew they immediately identified it as COVID 19 and locked down the city. Very quick to identify and a very quick reaction. Not sure the outcome was what they predicted with the world turning against them.
  7. That's looking great. Now the fun stuff
  8. No COVID here in Australia. All clear now!
  9. bigmal

    58 Tbird

    Love it. very cool
  10. Hi mate, it was working very well. As it was a proof of concept I used a very cheap Chinese kit ($16) has now started giving false indications. The depth of the sensors is critical so it doesn't give feedback from the metal tube. I made the tubes on the bench and tested them individually before committing to modifying the valance. I have sourced a better quality kit which I am about to order. Hopefully the these work better then the Chinese ones although probably still Chinese.
  11. With a one wire alternator like this, will the factory ammeter still work?
  12. Some great work there. Keep the progress photos coming
  13. bigmal


    Being from Australia it's not my place to chime in on American politics but I am finding these comments very interesting and polarising. We don't seem to get this level of emotion over here. Mind you , I avoid arguments over politics, religion and gun laws. No views will be changed, but friendships can be lost. And I do have strong views on all three. Also, we only get to see what the media wants us to see.
  14. bigmal

    Smoke and Fire

    I think a lot of people mistake climate change as part of the earths natural cycle and climate change that we have contributed to in a measurable way. The real questionS should be whether we can do anything to change it and how long it would take. I’m not seeing anything we could do would have an affect in the short term. I think it’s very disappointing that if anyone offers a view that is not supported by the media then they are shouted down. Even scientists.
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