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  1. Thanks you guys! Im just gonna do my thing and choose the red paint i like :) Makes it also easyer to sale it... Pastel gray isnt really my thing. Apperently Most of the people prefers a red one instead of a gray one!
  2. did some bodywork today, sanding most of the time. if i go on like this for another 2 or 3 weeks i maybe can paint the body :)
  3. The interior is a deluxe in black. Think it would be really nice with the pastel gray. The best to go with is to build it exactly like it came out the factory in 69...
  4. High guys, I was thinking about in what color i should paint my 69 fastback GT. It's a real GT so it would be nice to paint him in the original pastel gray. But i also like a red mustang... The rest of the car is going to be original like in the factory. What would you guys do?? I really want to here your oppinions!
  5. Thanks a lot guys! Tomorrow my marti rapport will arive so i will know everthing for sure. Also i ordered a lot of new original parts to rebuild my 69 gt and the original 351 4v engine :) Now, the original colour was white, but i really like a red mustang! What would you do and what's the influence on the value of the car? And how the hell can i get some pictures in here? :)
  6. hey guys, I'm Matthias from belgium and i just bought my first mustang so i'm a new rookie :) Now i was wondering how rare my mustang is because it's a fastback deluxe (63B) and i found on the internet that there where only 5958 produced of them ... But my mustang also have the GT equipment and that's even more rare i think because of the low count GT equipment group? I hope you guys can help me out with this so i actually know what car i'm restoring! thanks a lot!!
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