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  1. May look at the hardware store, similar rollers used on cabinet drawers and screen doors
  2. It is the hard part, but seeing daily progression, keeps the drive going. Don’t let the little steps backwards frustrate you, we have all had them. Paint looks awesome!!
  3. Most elect car owners don't realize either that charging their car away from home is more costly than buying fuel
  4. You could also use the female plug at the fire wall harness, currently using it on my 69 and 2- 70's
  5. I will slide a hose over the end of the petcock, flows right into the catch/recycle pan.
  6. Success!! Heated the c clip with a little heat and pried end out, grabbed with needle nose pliers and bam!!
  7. will try the 90 degree pick tonight. maybe try heating the c lip and pry it out as well. U joint needs to be replaced anyway
  8. Tried using the pick/small screw driver, no luck....broke the tip on one of my picks. No room to drill holes either.
  9. Need some help on how to get these little boogers out. They aren’t froze up, spin in the grove. Have tried using a pick to try and pry out at either end while blocking other end from spinning, with no luck.
  10. Welcome, good looking car!
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