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  1. We had a few updates done to the car so I figured I'd share. We added a rear spoiler as well as some exhaust cut outs
  2. Thanks! It's been really fun.. Next show we will be hitting is the Goodguys Columbus OH in early July.
  3. Thank you and thanks for following! It's for a secret society.... ha.. just kidding.. it was for the cars that they selected to be indoors
  4. Thanks! We couldn't be more happy with them and we have Mustangs to Fear to thank for referring them to us. We bought a ton of MTF parts and were looking to get the work done by them originally.. They were full and recommended GT Graphics and Customs.. They aren't local, they are actually 11 hrs from home! Thank you! We are ready to bring it to a few more shows then drive the heck out of it.
  5. We had a blast at North Carolina Nationals and even walked away with some hardware.. Car drew a crowd! Set up and final detail.. People checking out the car Award/Winners Circle Gary and GT Graphics and Customs built us our dream car!
  6. Thank you! We are loving it! Ha!! No way, you are making a very nice ride.. thanks for following along! Haha, I like the creativity!
  7. Thanks!! Gary and his crew at GT graphics killed it on this one. Ha!! I'll relay that message to him We'll be following yours as it progresses! Thank you for the kind words and checking it out! We are very proud of it :) Will do!
  8. I will reach out to the editor to see if they will revise. Feel free to call if you'd like to discuss, no need to clutter up the build thread.
  9. We submitted a build list and they picked parts off of it. I hated that they didn't mention MTF at all... we will make sure the parts get proper recognition in future posts/articles!
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