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  1. And, due to my shorty headers, I could not run my brake lines on the passenger side of the master cylinder
  2. because with the dual diaphragm booster, the stock master cylinder, and the new equalizing valve and bracket I had for my 4 wheel disc brakes, the setup hit my shock tower
  3. The engine bay was media blasted and primed with PPG primer, final coat PPG single stage satin black. It's really easy to touch up with aftermarket black satin paint
  4. Here is my previous post 69 coupe from SVK - Page 3 - Project Progress Forum - 69stang.com and 1969stang.com The 1969 and 1970 Mustang Supersite
  5. Yes, I tried 2 modern master cylinders out as the stock one was really close to my shock tower with my dual brake booster. I got one for a mid-1990's Ford Explorer and one from a mid-1990's Ford Ranger. I used the reservoir from one, and the body from another. I used the body that had the fittings connections on the drivers side, and the flat reservoir. After I did that, I figured out the one in the link below would fit directly. You need to get the metric standard brake line adaptors. The bore and rod length are the same as the '70 Mustang. The only modification I had to do was slightly enlarge the mounting holes. I think I did a post on this, I will look for it. Dorman M390269 New Brake Master Cylinder
  6. Oh wow. I used a Pertronix III billet distributor that is pretty much the same size as the stock one to avoid that.
  7. I went to the 1965 World fair with my parents, I was 6 years old. We did all the rides, including the "Magic Skyway" at the Ford Pavilion. Our ride vehicle was a 1965 Mustang Convertible. I was hooked. Within a few months, my Uncle, who was in his late 20's purchased a '65 coupe. It was highland green, 289-4bbl, 4 speed, styled steel wheels. He had that car for years, and drove it everywhere, including cross country a few times. My cousin bought a '66 fastback a few years later, then a '68 GT coupe, my other cousin had a '68 fastback, another Uncle acquired a '66 coupe. It was like a disease, everyone had to have one. At 18, my first car was a 64-1/2 coupe with a "D" code 289 and a T-10 4 speed. Then a "S" code '68 coupe replaced that. I didn't get my next Mustang until the late 80's, which was a '68 coupe. I still have that car today. A long line of modern Mustangs followed, I have owned every generation Mustang, except for the current one. When I finish my '70 Convertible, I will give my '68 to my daughter, who also has the Mustang disease.... Her cousin has a '66 coupe... My Grandson also is afflicted with this problem, picture of him below helping load a project car onto a trailer, and the other grandkids hanging out in my Convertible.....
  8. Oh, on my pic there is a plastic storage hatch. I source it from a Marine Parts Catalog, they are used on Boats.
  9. Thanks. I am not anxious to change out my intake if I don't have to, lot of plumbing and wiring to move. I am going to Carlisle in June and will go talk to the "Ram Air Man" to see if I can use a combination of parts to lower the Windsor setup. You think if get an inch out of it, will it clear?
  10. Now BWXT is a separate company. Did you retire, or go on to somewhere else. I currently work at Bruce Power in Ontario, largest Nuclear Site in world (8 Units). Previously worked for PSEG Nuclear and Duke Energy
  11. I am currently in Port Elgin, Ontario which is in Western Ontario on the border of Lake Huron. Known as the Bruce Peninsula.
  12. Oh wow, that is a project. Not sure how he will keep that square.....maybe you need to buy a windshield to make sure the geometry is right. I don't have any experience with that, maybe the others on the forum can help...
  13. Really nice job! I guess the headrests are standard on '69s or was that an option...pretty cool
  14. I have 2 garages at my house, the upstairs one, where the proper cars are, and then the downstairs garage that my wife calls the "black hole". My other garage is a 22 foot enclosed car trailer where my '68 Mustang currently sits until I get the '70 done. It is a great place to hide all kinds of stuff like firearms, cool tools that she won't understand, fishing gear, and tons of car parts. I also have a bunch of vintage Shelby art n the garages and my office, like the poster on the left with the blonde Shelby Gal with the Cowboy hat..... I tell her it is just some vintage "advertising"... "yeah right" is the response... Thank God for the haven of the man-cave.....
  15. Nice...I have a lot of Die Cast at home. While up here in Canada in Quarantine, I built this Shelby Model. I could not resist cutting the hole in the hood... And the "Cherry Bomb" Mufflers...
  16. Midlife - have several relatives out in Tucson. You in town, or out toward Green Valley... Panama City - The Redneck Riveria. Used to go to a place called "Sam and Shines", then would head over to the Florabama..... I actually have 1 '69 harness and one '70 harness that I don't need, that I should get to you.
  17. This is a shame, the place where hot-rodding started. John Milner is rolling over in his grave....
  18. I am running 245/45-17 BFG Sport Comp II on the front and 275/40-18 on the back. I have 4.5" backspace on the front, and 5.5" backspace on the back.
  19. Nice job Mike! The California '70 Mustangs had an elaborate charcoal cannister/fuel return line/fuel line setup. I believe there are some diagrams of that in the "Orange Books". This website gives you all the gory details. This the stuff that we all threw in the trash the first day we brought the car home.... Big Brother’s Emissions on 1970 Mustangs (hotrod.com)
  20. The convertibles actually have more headroom Convertible: 38.2" Sportroof/Mach 1: 37.3" Coupe/Grande: 37.6" 1970_Mustang_Data.pdf
  21. RobotMan - I used to work for Framatome, HQ in Lynchburg.
  22. East York - I am considering a shaker set up, but I like my Performer RPM, did you use a stock shaker set-up for a 351W? I know some friends who have modified the shaker ass'y to fit under the hood.
  23. The Museum is open, I am going to a swap meet there in late May.
  24. Actually the Gold and Maroon '70 Coupe is cool
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