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  1. Anyway, didn’t answer your question, used gasket and a little silicone around the water passages no leaks I did re-torque mine after I broke in the engine
  2. OK here’s the one I wanted this is better
  3. It should be 12 bolts, six on each side This is from my Edelbrock intake instructions
  4. Rich, nice work! Where did your source your shaker air cleaner assembly from?
  5. Wow. Prayers for a complete and rapid recovery!!
  6. Yes I went, Friday was a little overcast and drizzly, then turned out to be a pretty comfortable day, it was really really hot on Saturday. more and more modern mustangs every year, and fewer and fewer older cars. There was a nice display of vintage racing Ford broncos, it was very well done. It was good to be at a big car show. Lots and lots of high quality parts.
  7. Thanks. On the right side in the first picture you’ll see four small round holes about an inch and a half in diameter. Those are for some computer coin fans, I have them hooked to my power amp turn on signal through a relay, and it’ll help cool the amp when it’s on
  8. Plugged it with a big rubber body plug, then put Dyna Mat on the firewall side to seal it
  9. Built a mounting surface for my trunk mounted power amp and PWM controller.
  10. I can send you some pics of the fenderwell wiring, was a bit of work. Let me find them and I will post in a few days
  11. Doing nothing is definitely the best option. In my case my car sat in a field in Florida for years, with water collecting in the drivers floorboard that eventually caused me to replace half of the floor section. I envy the folks that have cars with the original patina that shows years of normal wear and tear...it’s only original once.
  12. Right, or just use the alligator clip to clip it physically on the gas tank, like right at the sender or to the hard fuel line coming out of the sender
  13. If you read the instructions, VHX recommends running a ground for the gas gauge back to the gas tank. There’s a connection on their black box for that. I ran extra wires both to the front and back of my car. I ran the ground wire and used one of the gas tank mounting screws to hook a ring lug to and ground it that way. Before you go to all the trouble, just run a jumper wire with some alligator clips see if that works. There are also instructions in the VHX manual on how to calibrate your gas gauge. Good luck and let me know how it works out
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