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  1. I have had my car since 1986. Its been pushed around and stored for a number of years. In Oct 06 I pulled it out of the barn it was in for the past 10 or so years. I have endless pics of the repairs but here are the closest finished ones. As I put this car (my high school car) back together there are several things I am not happy about. For instance the fitment of the 4 million grill and nose pieces, the gaps in the doors, and the window fitment. Anyway I am happy I never sold it and it will be on the street soon. I still need to finish the exhaust and get the new wheels and tires.
  2. Does anyone have a proceedure for installing new windows? I replaced all 4 side windows with the channels and all new rubber. I am having difficulties getting the windows to hit the seals and match the rear quater windows.
  3. I am looking for the chrome vertical rear quarter window seal piece for the driver side on a 69 coupe. Can anyone help me out?
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